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  1. Please keep these football references going. Good content
  2. Thoughts about the wknd? Concord here

  3. storm chasers ......in need of help
  4. Southend. Apologies . Nada in south CHARLOTTE .
  5. Where is “here” in Charlotte? .
  6. and then there's this....
  7. AFter thinking about this for a few days. The sentence "Along and north of I85" is like fingers on a chalk board. In Southern to western Meck the line was ridiculous. Office 1: Jack Squat off Highway 51 in Charlotte. Office #2 in Downtown 2 inches. Home in Steele Creek 2 inches. WEST of there... 4-8
  8. It's a comin'....in south Charlotte it's ripping fat ones. Ground covered.
  9. Keep delivering for us insomniacs .....
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