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  1. Not sure if anyone has shared this yet, but I took this screenshot of the 0-3km EHI valid for the hour before the Moore tornado.
  2. I'm a little behind. Just got back into Norman, and just got internet back. Here's a good radar loop of the storm. Sorry if already posted http://i.minus.com/iluhrlDRbUSAQ.gif
  3. I strongly suggest at least a 6 hour loop of WV imagery right now. It's beautiful. So much going on between the system over Oklahoma and the incoming trough over Utah. Can see convection firing downstream over Colorado. Really very fun to watch. Not getting any work done right now haha http://weather.cod.edu/satrad/#
  4. Very impressive outflow. Increasing diffluence in the northeast quad of the upper low, with the poleward exit region of the jet streak
  5. Pretty impressive system this afternoon. Can see strong upper level outflow to the north and northeast, with multiple convective bands developing around the mid and upper level low.
  6. 1.25" in 30 minutes. Not bad at all
  7. .51" of rain in 10 minutes at the Norman mesonet. Up to .84" today, and still pouring. Winds were less than I expected though
  8. Day 3 slight risk out for N TX to W OK to W KS.
  9. Phenomenal wave features over Oklahoma this morning:
  10. 12z GFS is actually pretty impressive with the threat middle of next week
  11. To start, here's the equatorial zonal wind anomalies so far this spring. Can see the -QBO holding on by its thumbs, with the westerlies starting to descend and near 30mb (first days with a + anomaly since July 2011 WOW) The current profile fits the 330 degree phase of my "index" pretty well. Descending westerlies above 30mb, easterlies centered around 70mb, and neutral right around 30mb. The phase I would be keying in on for hurricane season based on average "residence time" is 60 degrees. Here's the tropopause pressure correlation for phase 60. It's a pretty weak signal, with on average zero correlation in the MDR and negative in the central Atlantic. This may support more disturbances in the central Atlantic more recurvatures of any TCs that do form. (Negative = a higher tropopause height, Positive = a lower tropopause height) Here's the same map for phase 90. Notice the equator to off-equator dipole tightens and intensifies, and the Gulf and NW Caribbean is under a very low correlation (high tropopause height) and that band extends across the Atlantic between 15N and 30N. That dipole that I mention is tightest and most intense around phase 120. So if the QBO reaches phase 90 during the season (essentially a full-blown +QBO), this suggests an increased TC threat in the NW Caribbean and Gulf. Of course this is one factor, and probably still relatively insignificant, but something that's interesting to discuss anyway
  12. El Reno, OK: temp down 18.6F in 10 minutes. NW winds gusting around 35mph pic.twitter.com/C0079brlr3
  13. Storms firing in SW OK along the front, streaming northward, becoming elevated behind the front. Can see the thin line on radar really well
  14. Just another cold front. Apparent temperature across OK currently. 24hr temperature change. -46 in Hooker, Beaver, and Slapout ... (side note: three names I will never get over)
  15. SPC day 1 covers SW OK into central TX in a slight risk, for hail and wind
  16. High temps so far in the mid 80's to low 90's across OK. 84 in OKC currently. Average is 76, record is 92. Record warm low tonight is 68.
  17. More tornado reports than 2013 year to date
  18. Large branches down in front of our apartment in Norman. Impressive winds. Mesonet hit 51mph. I'd estimate higher for sure at my place. 0.72" of rain in 10 minutes.
  19. MD up in western OK http://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/md/md0558.html
  20. Sounds like a good plan. Cu field building back over the TX panhandle now. RAP forecast soundings near Norman aren't half bad. Lots of elevated instability, and strong helicity
  21. NSSL WRF and HRRR both have at least some degree of this also, from a clear supercell to a kind in a line. Another local chase sounds good to me too And thanks!!
  22. Big moisture return from yesterday:
  23. Yeah I mean, I'll be stoked to watch the first cold front that doesn't clear out the Gulf this season. But I think that at the very least, the snow cover may help establish the low level baroclinic zone further south such that as we get later into the spring, lows don't just take off to the northeast ... so we get the greater helicity and higher LI's with proximity to the surface low.
  24. Snow coverage anomalies over North America are pretty remarkable right now Compare 2013 to 2006