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  1. I was thinking the same thing Scott! I like the trend so far today: slower
  2. Decently defined deformation zone across NNE that sags south with the approach of the s/w. I think this will play a role in enhancing precip across central New England. This is especially when areas like SW ME and SE NH could cash in if some degree of a band develops and then swings through overnight. NAM is probably overdoing QPF to some extent, like normal, HOWEVER if we see something like this develop, some unexpected areas could do well
  3. Even SREF 3hr precip probs show this very well ... which is pretty significant
  4. 12z NAM is a little warmer, BUT a few hours slower ... it will make all the difference how much falls after sunset
  5. Also just for fun, here's a total snowfall forecast from the NAM for the 2008 ice storm, in NAM fantasy range...
  6. Here's a snapshot. Will probably has a couple gigs of ice storm 2008 porn saved
  7. got the alert on my phone, and left the conference to call my mom. She said they had 2" hail falling in Keene, "large enough to break when it hit the ground"
  8. If you love it, do it. Pretty darn simple I love meteorology
  9. I'm surprised the JMA hasn't completely removed humans from the field.
  10. Thank you very much! This thread has changed my life. I'm going to switch my major to art