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  1. Yeah it has been an ok stretch. The one thing that stands out is that just about every snow has been wet... which has made for nice scenery. 2-4" seems reasonable tonight. Its mid-Feb and this is really the first arctic front of the dwindling winter season.
  2. Same amount here.... although there was definitely some compaction. When I looked at the radar before going to bed I figured there would be more. Should add another 2-4" today/tonight though.
  3. CLE is calling for 2-5" which is a fairly broad range... they must be accounting for the snowfall gradient from north to south. No bad trends in the models overnight which was good to see.
  4. Cautious optimism for a decent snow event. Biggest concern is how far north the WTOD gets. It usually has no problem push up to the Rt. 30 corridor. The far northern tier of counties look pretty good at this point, but given the way this winter has gone anything is possible. .SHORT TERM /WEDNESDAY NIGHT THROUGH FRIDAY NIGHT/... Low pressure moves northeast up the Ohio River Valley to western PA Wednesday night. Expect precipitation to continue through the night. Difficult portion of the forecast is the temperature profile across the region. Every model has the rain/snow/mixed precipitation line in slightly different locations through Wednesday night causing much uncertainty to accumulations of snow and ice. Just know that the Thursday morning commute will be impacted with a good bet that portions of the region will be under a winter weather advisory.
  5. Definitely one of the snowiest days we’ve had this winter. Measured about the same. Winds seems to be backing now so we may get another few hours of snow before it pushes off to the northeast.
  6. Yep. Moisture from Huron is definitely helping. The radar is looking good with the main band on the west side and another forming in eastern Cuyahoga through western Geauga.
  7. Thanks for the forecast OHWeather. Picked up around an inch last night. Snow is really picking up now and the radar looks great back to the west.
  8. These messy set-ups typically deliver poor results. That said, 2-4" seems reasonable but guidance has been backing down as you mentioned. I'm not putting to much stock in any particular model solution at this point though.
  9. It was all sleet and freezing rain last night... no snow at all. It will be interesting to see what happens tonight/Friday. A low tracking through WV into PA is usually a great track for Ohio. The models are all over the place with snowfall... no agreement at all. I'd be more optimistic but given the way this season has gone my expectations are low.
  10. Great disco from CLE LONG TERM /THURSDAY THROUGH SUNDAY/... By Thursday, a deep and elongated upper-level trough moves east across the Great Plains, producing strong southerly flow with a Gulf of Mexico connection. This will result in a moisture-rich low pressure system developing over the lower Mississippi Valley Wednesday night and steadily deepening as it progresses northeast across the Tennessee/Ohio Valley on Thursday and to the New England coast by Friday or Saturday, depending on which model you look at. Given the high moisture content, strong synoptic-scale forcing, and favorable surface low track southeast of our forecast area (something that could certainly change though), this has the potential to be our best snow-producer of the winter for areas outside of the snowbelt, an achievement that won`t be very difficult due to the lackluster winter so far. Snow and ice will both be on the table for Wednesday night through early Friday depending on the surface temperatures and vertical temperature. It`s important to note that while there is potential for a significant winter storm to impact the region, there is still a lot of uncertainty. Model guidance are still producing widely-varying low pressure tracks which could greatly alter the forecast. For now, it will be important to monitor the forecast for this time period and planahead if you have travel plans.
  11. I flew out of CLE earlier this morning. Night and day difference between the eastside and westside. There was barely a trace of snow when I got to the airport, while it looked like Winter in our area.
  12. That's a long stretch of snow cover for this Winter. We are used to LES fluff around here which goes away quickly... this paste has staying power. The ground beneath isn't even frozen.
  13. As of 1/30 CLE has a +8.6 temp departure for January, and the snowfall decifit is up to 18". Remarkably the past 4 days may be the longest stretch I've had this winter with snow cover. The paste that fell on Sunday and Monday is still on the ground and coating the trees. While the snow isn't deep it has looked like Winter at least.
  14. Thanks for sharing. Good stuff. Hard to believe that snowstorms actually happened in Ohio
  15. That area has been in the band quite awhile... I'm sure the fluff is adding up. Starting to snow lightly again in Chagrin.