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  1. The snow is down to patches imby. Certainly has felt like Winter over the past week. CLE's monthly temp departure to date is -9.0... which is really impressive given that area tends to run warm.
  2. 11.1" storm total IMBY. Pretty tight snowfall gradient from west to east. Rt. 306 seemed to be the dividing line. Nice to kick off the season with a LES event. The early season events seem to always have a WSW wind direction so it was great to have one with a NW wind for a change.
  3. Measured 10” storm total. Definite snow increase as you head east of 306. Looks amazing out there.snowmis redeveloping on a wnw fetch. Hopefully a few more inches before ridging builds in.
  4. Its been dumping here so I didn't head home. If this band can lock-in this afternoon we'll have no problem hitting OHWeather's forecast.
  5. That sounds like quite a bit more than what I've had at my office (near the high school). We tend to get more out east but I'm heading home shortly and will check. That band is starting to settle in one location which could make for an interesting afternoon if the winds don't shift much.
  6. There have been a couple of those bursts here in Chagrin this morning.. Looks like we got another inch or so since earlier this morning. There has been a lot of movement to the bands so far. The main band over the central basin is migrating east... hopefully that can lock-in for awhile over the east side. Snowing pretty heavily right now.
  7. Measured 4" this morning. Warm ground definitely kept accumulations down on the paved surfaces. Nice band moving into the eastern burbs and geauga. Almost looks like a meso low forming in the central basin.
  8. Currently 38 IMBY. Tough getting temps to drop with the lake temps in the low 50's. At this point it looks like it will be early evening before we flip to snow.
  9. Nice forecast OHWeather. Looks like everything is still on track... although it seems the 06z models have shifted a bit north but that is probably just noise at this point. Precip wise the average among the models seems to be .75" - 1". Hopefully we don't waste too much on liquid. Temp is down to 37 IMBY.
  10. I can't even find the snowfall reports on the CLE NWS site anymore. It was an unusual pattern to how the bands set-up.
  11. Same here. The LES was very localized it seems... focused up towards northern geauga and lake. On to next week.
  12. Temp down to 38 imby. Winds have gone northerly and you can already see a plume of lake enhancement precip heading toward CLE on radar. Edit: Snow starting in Chagrin... a little earlier than I thought it would.
  13. Good stuff OHWeather. 2-4" seems like a good call for this area. The wrf suite shows .4" - .5" of precip over Geauga county for the event (some of which is rain).
  14. Thanks for the forecast OHWeather. These early season LES events are always interesting with the extreme parameters. The wind direction/short duration will definitely be the limiting factors. 1-3" seems reasonable. The best wind direction for this area is in 280-300 range -- this direction includes a long fetch from the western basin. Next week looks interesting as well for a potential long duration LES event. The CMC has had this feature the past couple of runs.... now that would be something to see.
  15. Still a long way out but the 12z runs were as good as they get around here in early November.