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  1. 2.6" storm total IMBY. Didn't see any flooding locally as we never really had heavy rainfall rates... Just constant light to moderate rain.
  2. Only .25" at my house yesterday. The heaviest storms stayed just north and west. That's a huge difference over a short distance. I have family in Russell and they have had over 2.5" the past two days. My dewpoint was up to 79 as well yesterday evening... that doesn't happen very often. The lake breeze appears a little weaker today so we'll see what happens.
  3. It was interesting to watch the storms fire on the boundaries. I'm about 5 miles east of Chagrin Falls, and had impressive cloud to ground lightning around 3pm, but little rain. Picked up .40" with the storm around 10pm. The ground is pretty dry around here so the rain is welcome. Hoping we can get a repeat today with storms firing on the lake breeze.
  4. Thanks for posting. Definitely an interesting read.
  5. CLE has definitely been in the rain jackpot zone. My yard is starting to dry, but still nice and green. We've had close to CLE's total in this area... but most of that fell over a short amount of time. It doesn't take more than a couple days of sun to dry out the clay soil around here.
  6. CLE is currently at 6.58" for July.... currently #6 wettest. Could make a run at #5 if we get more rain tonight/tomorrow.
  7. Definitely a wet start to July. Close to 4" of rain already. Can't recall my yard being this wet in early July.
  8. CLE will be -6.1 for the month of April. After a -4.0 departure in March I'd say we are due for some warmer weather. There were a few flurries around yesterday morning before the clouds scoured. out.
  9. Congrats on the new job! Sorry to hear that you will be leaving. I always look forward to your forecasts and input throughout the Winter. As DTA mentioned, we had over 100" of snow out this way so no complaints. We made a late rally which changed things dramatically. Good luck with the new job and take care!
  10. Nice. I'm out of town so missed this one. Let me know what your final measurement is.
  11. I was kind of hoping to be done with the snow. There's a surprising amount of glacier like snow still on the ground in the shady areas. Most of my yard is still covered.
  12. Nice pics. That place is buried. Congrats on the new location.
  13. Your new property sounds like a great spot for LES. Pretty much a jackpot area for multiple wind directions. I'm looking at buying property in South Ripley... hopefully this summer. It doesn't have the elevation of your area but should be a good spot for W and WSW lake effect snows.
  14. Measured about the same here. The snow is fluffy and blowing around. Yeah, this has been an impressive March considering it is only the 14th. Snow depth in my yard varies greatly... with just a couple of inches in the wet areas that get sun, to 12"+ in the shady areas.
  15. These squalls mean business. An absolute whiteout here in Chagrin right now. The next couple of days could put me close to 100" for the season which would be right around normal.