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  1. Just under 4" here in South Russell. Winter wonderland out there. Just in time for opening day tomorrow.
  2. Its dumping in Chagrin. Huge flakes. Everything is covered already... winter wonderland scenery.
  3. Good luck with the Steelhead fishing. You might want to try the Chagrin or Grand rivers as well.
  4. I'm around 50 inches in South Russell. About 50% of average.
  5. It has been really nice. Definitely ready for Spring as well. Not much to see in the long range so hopefully we'll coast into Spring.
  6. What a great decade that was. CLE's average snowfall was 77". Time for regression I guess. How much snow have you had in Chesterland this season?
  7. I was kind of hoping CLE would break into the top ten least snowiest. Hard to say but CLE will probably finish in the 35" range I'd imagine. Here's a look at the past few years snowfall at CLE - 2017/2018 - 53.1" 2016/2017 - 37.3" 2015/2016 - 32.8" 2014/2015 - 67.1" (almost normal) 2013/2014 - 86.1" (the last time CLE was above normal) Obviously we've had much more snow out here in the snowbelt... but 5 straight seasons of below normal snowfall at CLE is a bad stretch.
  8. Well that was a nice surprise. Must have been very intense as it didn't look like is lasted long on radar.
  9. Just a bad pattern and some back luck for northeast ohio. WNY and PA have done pretty well. Erie has had average snowfall for the year, and BUF has a +32" snowfall departure.
  10. Oh yeah, definitely not bad as this year out this way (would have been bad without March). I was going by CLE's snowfall totals. CLE hasn't had an average or above year since 2013/2014. That's a pretty long stretch of below normal snowfall.
  11. It has been an awful winter to say the least. Back to back ratters. And here I thought last year was bad! You would think that CLE would have to hit climo at some point. No where to go but up. One thing we can do without is a cold fall that rapidly cools the lake. November put a dagger in our LES hopes.
  12. Thanks for dropping in. Yeah, too bad the euro op is an outlier. The other models show more of a weak low riding the front off to the NE. Given the way this winter has gone whatever solution is least favorable for snow in Ohio is what will likely verify.
  13. Well, the 12z euro continues to tease Ohioans with a decent storm. Precip actually improved over last nights run.
  14. Looks like CLE will finish Feb in the +2 temp range for the month. Current snowfall departure is -22" for the season. And look what appeared on last nights euro run... just need it to hold another 4 days .
  15. Ohio sucks for big synoptic storms. But we average 100-120”+ inches in the snow belt of northeast Ohio. Much snowier than the rest of the state on average. I always think the same thing about Southwest Michigan.... big lake that rarely freezes yet limited lake effect snow in the southwest corner.