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  1. What a cool and wet summer. CLE temps were BN in June, July and August. After a dry start precip was 17.11" June-August which is 6" above normal.
  2. Crazy storm last night. Looks like the line weakened as it pushed south across the lakeshore but the winds were strong with intense lightning. Most of Chagrin Falls is without power... wonder if there was a spin up given the extensive amount of tree damage. Only lost power for a short time at home.
  3. Definitely not common for the ground to be so wet this time of the year. Looks like a strong line will push through overnight. I noticed a few maples changing as well... mostly red colors.
  4. Got lucky with only 2.5" last night. Many flooded areas. We'll see what today brings but we've had more than enough rain.
  5. Oof, that's close. Not looking forward to the heavy rain... just hoping for a few nice storms to close out the Summer.
  6. Nice ring of fire set-up the next couple of days... couple be some large precip totals from CLE on east. Glad to be on the far eastern edge of the heat dome.
  7. CLE finished July -1.1 with 6.75" of precip. I had 7.55" IMBY... Definitely a wet month. The grass looks spectacular for this time of the year.
  8. I believe it was sent... too depressing to look at so I deleted it. OHWeather would likely have it.
  9. Squall line looks on track for this evening. Haven't had one of these come across the lake in quite some time.
  10. Nice view of the fires taking off southeast of hudson bay - https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/?parms=subregional-ca_n_quebec-02-24-0-100-1&checked=map&colorbar=undefined
  11. Its terrible out there today. Thickest smoke we've had so far. It must be doing something to the flies... have had very few flies or mosquitos so far this summer. At least things are green and lush again after the recent rains.
  12. Its smoky out there today. Wonder how much that limit instability. Looks like the radar is starting to light up NW of Detroit.
  13. No doubt... very lucky to get the rain. It was extremely dry. Hopefully we can get a more spread the wealth type rainfall for the lower lakes region.
  14. I've had 3.78" of rain so far this week... much needed and definitely a drought buster.
  15. I think the record stretch is 25 days of no precip.. We'll run it close but it looks like a good chance for rain on Monday. If anything the smoke has made for some amazing sunsets.
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