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  1. Snow is coming down pretty hard... and accumulating on the grass and trees. Not often you see this at midday in May. I thought the mets said it wasn't going to snow.
  2. Hard to believe that Northern Ohio is in D1. We've had plenty of rain locally. I have standing water in places throughout the yard so there is no lack of soil moisture.
  3. Assuming this is the last measurable snow of the season it looks like CLE will finish at 51.9" (16" below average). We will finish slightly below average in the Chagrin area but it sure didn't feel that way.
  4. Surprised to wake up to another 3" this morning. Definitely less on the pavement given it was fluff. Looks like mid-Winter but the August sun angle should melt most of it today (hopefully).
  5. Picked up over 5" overnight. A winter wonderland scene. Surprised how much actually stuck to paved surfaces. Let's melt this and move on! Many of the flowering cherry trees are touching the ground... other than that not a lot of tree damage.
  6. Hopefully no more than a couple of inches out of this. Let's save some branches for the leaves.
  7. Definitely unfavorable trends. Hard pass on the snow at this point. We had enough tree/shrub damage from the early December storm.
  8. Spring is definitely well ahead of schedule -- I'd say by two weeks or so. Grass is growing and trees budding... even some small leaves starting to appear. Great Spring so far.
  9. I was really hoping to be done with the snow. Intense snow bands rolling through now. Probably over 4" total... but a lot of melting throughout the day. Hopefully this is the last of it for the season.
  10. The lake temp is still around 40 degrees at this point. The immediate lakeshore is a cruel location until May. Glad to live inland. I thought Feb was a great month... continuous snow cover without frigid temps. Hopefully the snow in the forecast tonight fails... I'm done for the season.
  11. That seems far too simple and reasonable :). But seriously, it's truly amazing how little coverage the obesity factor has received. Perhaps its a result of people becoming overly sensitive... wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings by telling them they need to lose weight.
  12. Yep. Lots of ice on the rivers but it should melt quickly over the next couple of days. We still have snow on the ground out in the Chagrin area. Its pretty crusty at this point though.
  13. Snow melt is under way. There's a very dense snowpack out there so its going to take some time. Didn't take long for the ice to break up on lake erie. The ice growth got off to a late start and didn't have time to thicken... not to mention we are dealing with a mid October sun angle at this point.
  14. It snowed moderately to heavily from 8-11am. Eyeballing 2-3" so far. You must have been just north of the band.