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  1. It didn't last long but rates were outstanding. Definitely the heaviest rates of the season. Nice way to end the weekend.
  2. I’m east of those bands. Looking forward to them shifting into Geauga county. No doubt they are strong.
  3. What a great storm. Going with 10-12" for a storm total. It's almost impossible to measure with the strong winds.
  4. That's crazy. What an awful total so far... not accurate at all. CLE has always had issues with measurements. The west side has been under the heaviest returns for quite some time.
  5. Could be our best storm in quite some time if these trends hold. Light/mod snow here. Should pick up considerably later this afternoon.
  6. Good to hear its snowing west of here. We've been in a bit of a snowhole in Geauga county.... the ENE wind always slows the onset. Just started to snow lightly about 10 minutes ago. Sounds like it picks up quickly. CLE upped snowfall amounts everywhere.
  7. 12z nam and rgem bumped up precip along with the hrrr. Good sign. Better than going in the other direction. Snow should be starting soon. That dry ENE wind always slows the onset.
  8. I didn't notice any dramatic shifts. Still think 6-12" is a good bet. The only concern I have at this point is all of the convection in the south stopping moisture transport north. If 6" is the basement I still won't complain given how rare it is to get a decent synoptic storm around here. The euro has been rock steady at .8" of precip... so I'm riding it.
  9. That is his graphic. Do you know him? Seems very knowledgeable. His insight is really helpful to an amateur. I hope your forecast busts on the low side of course :)... but seriously, seems reasonable. Appreciate you coming back to visit us.
  10. NEOH

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    You can scratch one model off the watch list for this storm...
  11. Pulled this image from a met I follow on twitter. Sounds like the 700mb low was further north than expected, while the shortwave dug further south allowing heights to rise in the east, along with a flat TPV -- all of which favor a more northern solution.
  12. CLE just issued a WSW - upped snowfall amounts slightly. If 12z trends verify that may go up some. ...WINTER STORM WARNING IN EFFECT FROM MIDNIGHT TONIGHT TO 4 AM EST MONDAY... * WHAT...Heavy snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 8 to 11 inches expected. Winds gusting as high as 35 mph. * WHERE...Portions of northwest Pennsylvania and north central and northeast Ohio. * WHEN...From midnight tonight to 4 AM EST Monday. The heaviest snow will fall from late Saturday into Saturday evening. Lake effect snows will develop in the secondary snow belt Sunday morning and persist into Sunday night. * ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Travel could be very difficult. The cold wind chills as low as 15 below zero could result in hypothermia if precautions are not taken. Blowing and drifting snow will develop Saturday afternoon.
  13. Yeah. Like watching windshield wipers. Definitely good 12z runs so far. Time to now-cast as you mentioned.
  14. I would think the major roads should be in good shape by that point. Will definitely have a lot of blowing snow on the way.
  15. It was a good run. While the snowfall maps are fun to look at, the actual qpf output is much more accurate. The GFS ensemble mean is 1". Pretty good agreement in the ensembles.