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  1. I'd imagine we'll flip back to snow in an hour or two. Just looked outside and the ice is accumulating on the elevated surfaces. Temp is back down to 32/30.
  2. Just raining in Chagrin at 33/30. Definitely slick out there. The WTOD will never be denied around here.
  3. The models do look good. Maybe they are not handling the mix precip well.
  4. Precip has started as a mix. Mostly ice pellets at this point. Wonder if we can flip to snow as the column cools or if it will remain a mix throughout. Already a light glaze out there so it could get ugly with the heavier precip moving in. 28/20 imby.
  5. CLE seems sold on freezing rain/mixing. But just about every model has several inches or more on the east side of CLE. WAA seems to always ways to win around here but it’s hard to disregard models. Currently 26/20 imby.
  6. Not sure what to expect. Temps look marginal... Maybe a slushy inch or so.
  7. Surprised there wasn't a flare up of lake effect last night given the cold air mass and favorable wind direction. Not often you see that type of lake/air temp differential with nothing to show for it. Water temps are tanking in the western basin with 38 degrees showing up around Toledo. Still 54 on the eastern end of the lake.
  8. Looks like the trough has stalled in the middle of the lake. With high pressure quickly building in its going to be tough for the band to move any further south than ashtabula county.
  9. Light snow falling. Doesn't look like the bands will make it this far south. It was cold this morning with a low of 21. The bands over the lake don't to healthy at the moment.
  10. Thanks for the dropping in with a forecast. I'm going to miss these this winter. For us on the southern fringes here's hoping the bands can shift a little further inland. Usually with a "weak" flow the winds have a hard time coming around to more of NW'erly direction. Winds will be rather strong so perhaps that might help. WRF's aren't too bad for 422 on north.
  11. Yeah, definitely a surprise. I was up early and it was snowing hard. Given how warm the ground and pavement are I'm surprised it stuck so well. There's still snow in my parking lot but it has flipped to rain now.
  12. Looks like winter out there this morning. It started snowing heavily around 6am. Grass, trees are covered... some streets have snow on them as well.
  13. There's a consistent signal on about every model for accumulating snowfall this the weekend. It will interesting to see how things play out as the snowfall window looks fairly brief... but at the very least flakes will be flying. The gfs continues with the eastern track for the storm early next week. A blend of the gfs and euro would be ideal for our area.
  14. Definitely not the best of weekends for fishing. Hopefully the river won't be too cloudy from the recent rains.
  15. Thanks for dropping in. The cold shot does look transient over the weekend. Next week is still looking great... obviously lots of details still to be worked out.