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  1. The rain/t'storm forecast was a bust last night across the area. Pretty amazing how dry it has become considering we had above average precip over the Summer. Most of the rain that has fallen the past couple of weeks has been from Ashtabula county into Western PA. The "maple tar spot" has been really bad this year with a lot of leaves already coming down. Doesn't look like its going to be a good year for Fall color at least locally.
  2. Warm July at CLE with +3.7 departure. July was dry as well with below average precip. The dryness on the west side is a little deceiving as most locations across the area had well above normal precip. Close to 6" of precip IMBY for the month.
  3. CLE has only had.13" of rain so far in July. Quite a change from June. Much more rain has fallen around the area (1.5" imby so far) -- CLE has been lake breezed quite a bit this month with most of the rain falling south of the airport.
  4. CLE finished June -0.2 with 8.08" of precip... good enough for the 4th wettest June. The last week of the month definitely felt like summer compared to the rest of the month. The ground had dried out in sunny areas. The shady areas are still really wet. Good potential for an MCS to roll through tomorrow night.
  5. EF-1 Tornado confirmed in SE Cuyahoga county yesterday. Not sure what the parameters looked like but it was rainy and cloudy prior to the storm. Must have formed along the front.
  6. Yeah. I felt it here in Chagrin. Pretty cool. It happened pretty close to the salt mines under the lake... couldn't imagine being in a mine under the lake when that happened.
  7. Just under 4" here in South Russell. Winter wonderland out there. Just in time for opening day tomorrow.
  8. Its dumping in Chagrin. Huge flakes. Everything is covered already... winter wonderland scenery.
  9. Good luck with the Steelhead fishing. You might want to try the Chagrin or Grand rivers as well.
  10. I'm around 50 inches in South Russell. About 50% of average.
  11. It has been really nice. Definitely ready for Spring as well. Not much to see in the long range so hopefully we'll coast into Spring.
  12. What a great decade that was. CLE's average snowfall was 77". Time for regression I guess. How much snow have you had in Chesterland this season?
  13. I was kind of hoping CLE would break into the top ten least snowiest. Hard to say but CLE will probably finish in the 35" range I'd imagine. Here's a look at the past few years snowfall at CLE - 2017/2018 - 53.1" 2016/2017 - 37.3" 2015/2016 - 32.8" 2014/2015 - 67.1" (almost normal) 2013/2014 - 86.1" (the last time CLE was above normal) Obviously we've had much more snow out here in the snowbelt... but 5 straight seasons of below normal snowfall at CLE is a bad stretch.
  14. Well that was a nice surprise. Must have been very intense as it didn't look like is lasted long on radar.
  15. Just a bad pattern and some back luck for northeast ohio. WNY and PA have done pretty well. Erie has had average snowfall for the year, and BUF has a +32" snowfall departure.