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  1. Spotty frost on rooftops and grass this morning. First of the season.
  2. Picked up 3.60" inches of lake effect rain this week. Quite the soaking.
  3. Hopefully we can duplicate this set-up when its cold enough for snow. Nice spread the wealth lake effect event. Your location should be the jackpot for rainfall.
  4. Yeah, I have a few maples dropping already. Definitely a fall feel with the dark skies and lake effect rain coming down now. Last nights storms didn't pan out unfortunately.
  5. Seems a little early but lots of color showing in the trees already. Looking forward to the squall line later today... then on to Fall tomorrow.
  6. Read an article that the Greenland ice sheet gained 7 Gigatons of mass in just one day — the largest daily gain ever recorded during the summer.
  7. First line of storms blew up just east of here on the Ohio/PA line. The area from Ashtabula on east has had the hot hand with storms this Summer. Hoping the line to the West can hold together for some action this evening. This has been one of the more boring Summers I can remember for t'storms locally.
  8. Picked up 2.40" of rain since yesterday. It has been dry locally so it was definitely much needed around here.
  9. Low of 49 IMBY this morning. This month has been a roller coaster with temps... seems like it has been windy every day as well. Ground is really starting to dry out with some brown showing in the grass. 2.25" of rain for the month here.
  10. Just returned to CLE from New Orleans. Crazy that the airmass here feels very similar to NOLA.
  11. Yeah, that's life next to the lake in the Spring. We've had a really nice stretch of weather the past week.
  12. Finally have leaves on the trees. Only one's lagging are Oak and Locust.
  13. Given how close you are to the lake its tough this time of the year. Looking forward to a warm-up though. Leaf out is still going slowly although we have made some progress over the last week.
  14. Winter wonderland on 4/19. CLE recently reported thundersnow.
  15. 1..5” of snow last night. Checked out from the weather for awhile so wasn’t excepting that.
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