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  1. Just a slow burn of a snowfall. Snowed fairly hard yesterday evening. Picked up around 5" IMBY.
  2. Figured your area would do better than that. Big dry slot moving up North though.
  3. Snowing heavily now. 2-3" looks like a good bet before the changeover. We should make up what we lose today on the backside.
  4. Snow started around 6am. Snowing light to moderately at times. Heavier stuff to the south still to come through.
  5. Looks like 3-4" possible on the front end tomorrow, then a couple inches more on the backside. The good news is that rain doesn't look significant, and temps only warm into the mid-30's.
  6. At this point Toledo looks like the best place. Should be a good thump on the front end in all locations but Toledo looks to remain all snow.
  7. You should be ok out west. Looks quite sloppy in this area. Snow to rain then back to snow. Hoping for a bump east in the models today but there's pretty good consensus with the track at this point. Models haven't exactly been performing well so who knows but the WTOD is rarely denied.
  8. Right around 6" IMBY. Its a very scenic and wet snowfall. Definitely better than expected.
  9. Nice spread the wealth event for Ohio. Great to see things over performing.
  10. Dumping snow here. Went from nothing to heavy snow. Radar looks good along the 71 corridor on north.
  11. That was good to see. Rgem looks good as well. At least there will be snow flying much of the day.
  12. Far too early to call it. Take a look at the ensemble’s… they all have the low in far eastern OH/western PA. Worst case with that solution would be a front end thump then a short changeover. Still a long ways out.
  13. Just quick burst of strong winds last night IMBY. Nothing special. Ground is covered this morning with the wet snow sticking to everything.
  14. Its definitely not ideal with the marginal temps. The way this Winter is going I will take back to back weekends with snow.
  15. Severe in mid Jan is never high on the list. Clearing out nicely down in Central OH. Too bad the late weekend system is fading southeast. Big changes with that system on the models the past couple of days.
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