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  1. Still barely a flake in Cambridgeport
  2. Some guy at work is telling everyone we're getting 6-8", he must follow the same guys Kevin does on Twitter.
  3. Some pingers mixing in with the cold rain now
  4. It's the difference between a slushy inch and nothing. Gonna be mostly rain in both places probably.
  5. I'm down for a tricentennial repeat.
  6. RGEM is really close for BOS, but I think you have to be outside 128 and north of the pike for this one.
  7. Highest total on latest PNS is East Bridgewater -15.0"
  8. Based on radar, looks like jack zone is just above the canal
  9. James even gets some weenie OES between systems on the NAM
  10. That includes some from first wave - here is second wave only
  11. Money shot for you. You're probably 6+ on that run
  12. Such a great setup too. Plenty of room to work with (relatively speaking)
  13. Been steady mod to heavy all morning in West Harford. Eyeballing 5" or so now
  14. that type of rapidly deepening explosive cyclogenesis would easily produce 6 billion mph+ winds for Harwich Cape Cod MA. I've already warned all my Twitter followers
  15. I swear JB and Cohen give the same forecast every winter. Has anyone ever seen both of them in the same place at the same time?
  16. CMC looks pretty good, looks colder than the GFS to me
  17. how about one subforum where it's just metsfan, Damage in Tolland and forky and it's the only subforum they're allowed to post in
  18. Nobody loves a good North Atlantic fish storm quite like James