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  1. Where's Ray? Seems anomalously absent for this storm
  2. RGEM rots a deathband right over BOS around noon
  3. 11:45 for Ukie, Canadian is already out
  4. Jimothy blown off the Cape on the Ukie
  5. Big fatties in Cambridgeport, but only a slushy coating so far
  6. the texture of the sky says it's already snowing
  7. The GEFS looked pretty good, but still a huge spread
  8. At least the "not gonna happen James" storm calls have actually verified once or twice
  9. If you just change like 7 things on the NAM it would have shown the Dawn Awakening
  10. You must not have been at the meeting, we all agreed that this will be the final snowfall in SNE this winter