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  1. The new GFS may in fact be worse than the NAM. At least the old GFS was occasionally correct and had known tendencies and biases. The upgrade has rendered it completely useless.
  2. Can't go wrong there. That looks like a safe bet for 24"+, but you may have a shot at seeing 3' if you head down toward Foxborough/Brockton area.
  3. Honestly its not worth debating jackpots. Nobody knows where it's gonna be and pretty much this whole forum is a lock for 18".
  4. The NAM is gonna pump out some insane jackpot numbers over E and SE MA
  5. Right on schedule, the GFS shows a very favorable storm signal in D8-9 range
  6. Good news - I'll be in Colorado from 12/28 to 1/4 so feet and feet of snow are likely
  7. Well, considering past winter forecasts from TWC, I'd expect a nationwide icebox. This was last year's infamously terrible forecast from TWC.