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  1. IMO everything is shaping up for this to be one heck of an event for us
  2. Pounding rain right now, close to the heaviest of the season
  3. The GFS pretty much resurrected winter, a very brief warm-up before everyone goes back in the ice box. It has consistently shown a storm signal around the day 9-10 range as well
  4. This is really tough, sometimes you just can't explain these things. I didn't know Scott, but honestly I enjoyed his posts as much as anybody on these boards. Always entertaining, descriptive, informative, and he was pretty much right on with his calls almost every time. He'll be sorely missed by all here.
  5. Yeah - ouch. We have been spoiled rotten these last 2 decades, far more hits than duds. It would be interesting to see a comparison of the 20- or 25-year means to the historical means for DCA, PHL, NYC and BOS, I'd bet at least one of those sites has seen a ridiculously high anomaly.
  6. I didn't realize that the Blizzard of 93 was PHL's first double digit snowfall in 10 years. I can't imagine living through a stretch like that.
  7. Yep, I agree. We all get along pretty well here, and I like that some members are starting to step up and provide more insight. I think we're pretty realistic here too, very little weenieism
  8. If you still want this forum to merge with NYC, go check out their thread for this storm now
  9. An entire average seasonal snowfall currently on the ground in Boston
  10. I'll start contributing more and I can do NAM and GFS PBP from time to time. I would definitely like to see a resurgence in this forum and I do not believe we need to merge.
  11. The NYC forum consistently drives away mets. Earthlight was maybe the best poster on this entire site, but he finally had enough of all the weenies arguing over 144 hr rain/snow lines and he left. That place is a complete mess. Though this forum isn't very busy and I wish there were more activity, there's a solid group of poster IMO and not much bickering.
  12. I'm coming home this weekend so I'll try to bring the snow magnet with me, but I'm not optimistic about this one for PA. I'm kinda pissed that I'll probably miss out on the blizzard.
  13. Long range GFS is full of potential. Good Miller A signal around day 8.
  14. Cold as heck, massive ridge out west, blocking for sure.
  15. The MBTA is completely crippled, they're also telling people to stay off Storrow Drive. I don't know how much more the city can handle.
  16. I can't even figure out where these bands are coming from. Good size flakes and ripping.
  17. Just when it looks like the back end has come through, it starts building up again to the west. 17" might not be a stretch after all.
  18. Might be a stretch, but I can see another half inch with the thump coming in from our NW
  19. Might actually still be a little low. Wouldn't be surprised if there are 18" reports around town.