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  1. In the old days we didn't have these models to drive us nuts. So many have forgot the science without the machines. I was an intern at Bos NWS the night before the Blizzard of 78 and the Senior I was with HIT the storm 100%. He didn't say 2 feet (because he didn't want to panic the public) but he knew 2-3 feet were coming. Thank you all btw because I love the 'analysis' comments. But some of these jokes today have had this ole man ROFL ing
  2. Since we always seem to be on the transition edge it would be nice if it were Manchester this time!
  3. At this point as long as it's snow then I'll be happy. (I don't know about our neighbors in the Capital City :-( )
  4. I agree with you. The 'hope' side of me was pushing the logical/science side :-(. We have the day off in the State so it's always a good day for snow. Oh well, the Old School New Englander in me will hope our little corner of the world (Concord, Boscawen, Northfield) will remain unique and fun in our weather forecasting. :-) Bottom line, BE SAFE everyone on Monday - Jack
  5. Here in Concord (ON the Heights Mahk) it has been snowing since 1pm. Moderate with little mix all day. Gut telling me our Max will be 4 inches (and its a pretty old gut)
  6. LOL - interned with NWS at Logan Airport during '78 (Long before Taunton) and went to BSC (Bridgewater). in early 80s. In 2000's Radio broadcaster here in Concord for about 10 years . Should have retired a few years ago but in my role within Emergency Mgmt I can't get out of my ow way :-(
  7. Glad you went because my HA was masked by the fact, I had ZERO Chest Pain. Instead, I had Jaw Pain! (Another sign to watch) Welcome back to the insane asylum
  8. Just to let you know, I ALWAYS enjoy and respect your analytical comments!! Some of us have people lives in their forecasts and every ounce of input is always enjoyed! (Well, most :-) )
  9. I've quietly been on this forum for years. Being a 'slightly' elder retired meteorologist, I love this forum. Special group of geeks. Jerry, I know the feeling and hope your symptoms turn out to be just a warning. Thinking and praying for thee! Always, Jack (Concord NH formerly Boston)
  10. Dendrite - do u really feel in the 4 range? I was feeling Concord is in one of our 2019/2020 'on the edge of everything' storms. (Have faith in your thoughts)
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