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  1. Hey PF or AdK: I am going to be in Stowe this weekend and possibly a lot more often. Brother in Law lives in town and my wife wants to see him more, so we are looking around at real estate. We do a fair amount of skinning and back country, but its over in Maine. I know there is a contingent of dawn patrol at the mountain. Is there a stanard route uphill? Am I correct, that the uphill policy is "allowed when the mountain is closed" and no uphill when open? Thanks for any info. Will be a nice change from SR.
  2. Ok, I have to chime in as you are in my neighborhood. I bet he drove up route 5 to the Andover general store, then took a left and heading up East B Hill to grafton notch, then back down 26 to Bear River trading post (closed...). I believe the NOAA observer is straight through the general store intersection out Wyman Hill Road. I have a house above Howard Pond in Hanover (Elev. 1175) and my pack is a solid 60". Definitely not surprised if Andover Observation is accurate. I am up at Howard Pond every weekend summer and winter. Super CAD and retention spot...