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  1. is this the new “Alek” physics package?
  2. Would be one for the ages if alek singlehandedly pulls a coup on the Euro & all sets of ensembles
  3. To be expected but 0z NAM takes a chainsaw to snow totals in NE & IA
  4. 10:1 ratio map caveat as per usual but 18z GFS ensemble mean is a nice thump* along I-80 * as much of a 'thump' as >48 hours of intermittent light-to-moderate snows can be
  5. Feels like the NWS office here is still sticking with the GFS (or at the very least not the NAM), point & click calls for rain & snow becoming all rain tomorrow after an all-snow onset tonight
  6. 18z NAM pushes the first wave snow shield a bit north & looks warmer thru Thursday AM at the lower levels
  7. NAM meteogram wants 0.13” ZR followed by 1.26” QPF worth of snow here, I guess if it’s gonna be NAM vs GFS it might as well be as extreme as possible
  8. GFS ensembles (albeit from 12z) anticipating an average precipitation rate of 0.005"/hour from 03z 1/22 to 12z 1/25, impressive
  9. Come for the storm, stay for ILSNOW refusing to let alek's dud call stand
  10. Weird having both the NAM & Euro showing good snows, not sure what kind of omen that is but it seems kind of tough to see this thing dropping 6” with how ragged & low-amp the event looks to be
  11. Sitting between <1” on the GFS and >6” on the NAM, certainly don’t want to get too close to a consensus it seems
  12. The Super Bowl Blizzard! Fond memories of shoveling snow up to my head & constantly worrying about branches falling onto the roof
  13. I’m told the GFS performed relatively well with the most recent storm so the 15” of Kuchera snow here should be a lock at this point
  14. 1.5" official at the airport, highest storm report in so far is a whopping 3" in the southern suburbs of Omaha Tough break after 6"+ forecasts around Nebraska City
  15. Starting to wrap up here in Omaha, most riveting ~2.5 hours of the season Probably an inch or so when it's all set and done, enough to double commute times but not enough to totally cover the grass