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  1. Moderate sleet shower in SW Winston. 38.5F/24.2F (KINT reported a dewpoint of 18F at 2:54 according to the NWS).
  2. Sometime tomorrow afternoon/evening.
  3. Mixed bag of precip here in SW Winston-Salem. We've had a snow/sleet mix, then sleet, then a rain/sleet mix, now it appears to be some sleet with a few flakes mixed it.
  4. I'm just south of I-40 in SW Winston and our sleet seems to be changing back to snow. Big flakes.
  5. According to WFMY's Tim Buckley, it's the sleet line:
  6. Measured again recently in SW Winston-Salem, close to 13". Now mostly sleet, with flakes mixing in in greater or lesser amounts from time to time.
  7. Just measured in SW Winston-Salem. Around 12.5" and still snowing, although it seems to be mixed with some sleet.
  8. Very breezy now in SW Winston-Salem. Small to medium flakes with moderate to sometimes heavy snow.
  9. Still snowing in SW Winston-Salem. Mostly small flakes now, ~11", and very breezy. Amazing storm for this area!
  10. Heavy snow in SW Winston-Salem. Measured about 7.5" an hour ago. I'm sure we're well on our way to 9" at this point.
  11. Light snow has started in SW Winston-Salem.
  12. 1.38" so far in southwest Winston-Salem since Thursday afternoon.
  13. Do the lower totals appear to be from speed, storm track, both, something else?