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  1. On 11/20/2022 at 6:27 PM, Wxdavis5784 said:

    I appreciate it.

    Yeah, I hear that. All three of mine were sick  in the last month as well. I thought my wife and I had escaped it, but I felt it coming on yesterday… Today it hit me like a ton of bricks…

    Covid 19 test?


    Absolutely beautiful night.  Many stars shining bright. Not too cold. Minimal wind.  Perfect.

  2. 2 hours ago, Weather Will said:

    WB GEPS likes the end of the month too…perhaps we won’t have to wait for a mid March Hail Mary.


    I'm putting all of my chips in on the late February to Early March period for our biggest snowfall.  I have some ground to make up in the snowfall contest and this feels like a year for a fluke storm.  We're Fluke Due!:weenie:

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  3. 1 minute ago, IronTy said:

    Yeah we got jackpotted early on which is always nice.  According to NOAA I got 15" on that storm.  That's why you won't see me complaining for the rest of this winter.   I even see a little bit of green on my petunias....

    Hardiest petunias ever!!!!

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  4. 11 hours ago, Kay said:

    beautiful peach-colored crescent moon hanging over the horizon

    It was beautiful!  My 11th grade son has become the amateur Astronomer/Photo Astronomer this year with new equipment.  He was able to capture the "Flame Nebula" in the cold last night despite the glow of suburban lights.  Quite amazing actually!  So much to see that we miss with the naked eye.  What an amazing universe!

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  5. 54 minutes ago, fourseasons said:

    Ah, yes, memories.

    The day before onset, ordering Thai takeout to last me for several days because if I was going to go out and shovel every couple hours (wasn't waiting until the end) I wanted some Pad See Ew.  And thinking bad thoughts about the plow truck driver even though I knew he was just doing his job.  

    It was rather peaceful being outside shoveling at 2 a.m.

    OK, I know this thread is about memorializing Snowmageddon, and I don't want to take anything away from the absolute historicity of that period in our history, but honestly, the thing that I miss the most is the "surprise snow".  Of course, I was only 11 years old for PDI, but my memory tells me that forecasts were for 1-3 inches or 2-4 inches.  Waking up to 24 inches and the heaviest snow in my lifetime, was amazing.  I don't want to take anything away from the progress we have made in forecasting, modeling and interpretation of meteorology, but there is nothing better than the instant surprise!!!  This simply does not happen (much) anymore, unless it the surprise of "No snow for you!" at the last minute.  We are much more likely to get the rug pulled out from under us, than to get the surprise boom nowadays.  At least that is my anecdotal observation.  I still love tracking snow and trying to understand more about what is conducive to getting snow here, but I miss the "Boom" surprise of days of old when data was limited.


  6. 1 hour ago, Bob Chill said:

    We could have a 50" storm and PDI will still be #1 for me. When I hit the garage door opener shortly after sunrise, my life changed forever. I had never seen such a spectacle and I immediately became addicted to big storms. The desire to experience them only grew stronger during the decades following. For me, PDI truly was a life changing event. In a good or bad way is hotly debatable 

    The experience of PDI imprinted on my mind with such vivid imagery that it is like it happened yesterday!  And yes, instant addiction to snow and big storms/any storms after that point.  Woke up, just before sunrise.  Looked out the window next to my bed and I could see nothing at all which was strange because usually when it snowed I could see an pink/orange glow of urban lights and could make out snow falling.  I tipped toed down stairs while the rest of my family was snug in their beds (without a clue) and looked out the front door.  Our covered porch had so much snow that the door could not open.  It was snowing at a rate that I could not even imagine possible!  I stood and stared for what seemed hours long as the break of dawn was occurring.  I cherished the time by myself watching the snow fall while everyone else was asleep, as if it was meant for just me!

    '83 and '96 also very memorable, but PDI started the addiction.  A week off of school and shoveling out the road with the neighbors was also fun, but nothing beat those first moments of snow glory in the morning!

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