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  1. 6 hours ago, TJ3 said:

    I only post on this board when it is about that storm. Yes it was life changing for me. Before then I loved snow because I was a teenager hoping to get out of school. After that day it was because I was fascinated by what the hell just happened. I thought I was the only one obsessed for years after that storm.  Thank God I found this place. With regards to the storm, waking at dawn and looking out my window that Monday morning is still one of the most shocking weather things I ever witnessed. I have not seen those rates in the DMV since. Honestly not even close . February ‘83 was incredible. But no. ‘96 it snowed forever but not close. Biggest drifts I have seen to this day. I have pictures somewhere from ‘66 my dad took. They were actually higher. But I was only 2 1/2 so no actual memory of it.  PD1 will stay with me forever. 

    My experience was very similar to yours.  I was 11 years old, always enjoyed snow, but this was the storm that I caught the "snow weenie illness".  I have not been the same since....lol.  Seriously, it changed me.

    I remember that Sunday evening well.  My Grandmother who lived up the street from us in Baltimore, would come down to our house every Sunday night for Spaghetti night.  She made the spaghetti.  She was older and walked with a cane due to arthritis.  When it started snowing, she wanted to get back to her house quickly because she was not good with walking.  So, I went in front sweeping the sidewalk for her while my mother and Grandmother walked gingerly behind.

    I remember watching Bob Turk that night (he was with WJZ forever and not even a met.).  It was probably the 6PM news.  His forecast was for 1-3 or 2-4.  So I went to bed with that in my mind.  Something woke me up very early in the morning.  It was the wind.  I had a window next to my bed, so I ducked my head under the curtain and looked outside.  I was really confused because I could hardly see a thing outside my window.  But I was able to see the orange glow of the sky due to the urban lights, so I knew it was still snowing.  I tipped toed downstairs because everyone was still sleeping.  I looked out the front door and absolutely could not believe my eyes!  It was snowing harder than I had ever seen before in my life.  I was amazed!!  I never thought it could snow that hard.  It was puking snow! (People on here use that word nowadays, but they have no idea what puking snow really looks like).  Our front porch was a covered porch, but there was two plus feet of snow right up to the front door due to the wind.  I wanted to keep the moment to myself, so I purposely, did not wake up my brothers or parents.  I spent the next hour or two going from window to window saying quietly, "WOW!" over and over again.

    The next day all of the neighbors started to shovel out the street as we were told that the city was not going to be able to plow side streets for up to a week.  It was like a neighborhood party.  My school, which did not close for snow often, was out for a week!

    The '83 blizzard was also very cool because we were out playing in it when the rounds of thunder snow came through.  I don't remember thunder snow from the '79 blizzard, but perhaps I slept through it.  Nothing will replace the euphoria I felt waking up on that Monday morning in Feb. of '79!

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  2. 3 hours ago, WVsnowlover said:

    Bernie Rayno had this storm right from day one. Didn't he have our whole region around 5-8" like 4 days ago?

    Right.  He and accu weather had my area with 3-6 the entire time.  it was the perfect call for my area at least.  Guess i might need to pay more attention to him in the future.

  3. 3 hours ago, real said:

    Fox 45 Baltimore weather professional just said Baltimore should see it's heaviest snow about 2 p.m. Does that make sense?

    I kind a doubt it.  Looks like (on models) most of the heavy stuff should be over by then...but I hope I am wrong.

  4. 3 hours ago, WeatherQ said:

    751 days without measurable snow … and now 2 storms in a week. El Niño … you rock!

    NE MD - New London Rd (Elkton)

    + Flakage 

    28F/77% RH

    BP 998 mb

    my BP 300/150 driving to hospital! 


    I like the blood pressure as the new snow ob!  I think it should be mandatory on everyone's snow observation from now on ;)

    Towson Obs.

    light to moderate snow

    bigger flakes at the moment

    Accumulation:  Somewhere between 3 and 30 inches...who really cares?  Got the day off before a single flake fell.

    Temp: cold enough for snow to fall and stick!

    Blood Pressure: 100/60 (enjoying the peacefulness of the snow)

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  5. 3 hours ago, gopper said:

    Towson:  Under heavier returns now, but mostly virga with a few very tiny flakes starting to fall

    Suspect 6z gfs will come in with 4-6 in results as well since the NWS hoisted the Warning.

    Within a couple of minutes it has turned into a steady light snow...almost moderate snow!  Bang!

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  6. 3 hours ago, baltosquid said:

    This was at about 1:30pm. Snow has been a consistent, light rate pretty much since then. Nothing super heavy and only the usual first-caving surfaces are covered, but real pretty. I haven't done measurements, probably still under an inch on the deck. 

    Using the HRRR 1hr frame and flipping back, seems like we're verifying colder each hour! Maybe this light consistent snow is helping bring things down. I'm optimistic roads and sidewalks will cave fast and with better temps for ratios and a surprise head start, I think we can surprise to the upside!

    Patterson Park?

  7. 3 hours ago, WxUSAF said:

    Been snowing for almost 1.5 hours, but no accumulation. Temp down to 34. 

    Same in Towson.  Just now seeing a bit of white on trees and mulch.  Nice to see it falling!!

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