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  1. 1 hour ago, Damage In Tolland said:

    Let’s see how this ages. You say it’s green and lush all over New England and Its not dry in CT etc etc. Let’s track 


    I feel like this does not mean what you think it means. Just chiming in from the bleachers- don’t mind me.

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  2. 2 hours ago, PowderBeard said:

    The baseline is 1" per week. I don't think there is much science behind it though because it depends on temps, soil type, time in the sun, etc. Most sprinkler systems and straight garden hoses (if the lawn is not massive) put that down in 1-2 hours (unless it was modified when the sod was put down), thus why I would check how much one watering cycle of yours puts down. 

    Thanks- I'll do that tonight.


    46 minutes ago, PowderBeard said:


    Makes sense. Max height (I'm assuming 3.5 - 4") + a lot of water (30 minutes of night water that's likely just sitting on it) + warm wet temps = fungus. It's never drying out. 

    Do you know what type of grass it is and how much sun it gets a day? I'd also put out some plastic containers before running then see how much water you're putting down. My guess is way too much, like exponentially too much. Once you figure out how much water you're putting down you can adjust.

    I was watering ~4 times a week for 15-25 minutes around noon time since I overseeded and noticed some yellowing a couple weeks ago in my older sections. Started cutting at 2.5", watering twice a week for 30 minutes, and no more yellowing.

    Thanks- i honestly don't know what type of grass, the guy that did the redesign put it down....i'll take some pics at lunch. Lawn faces East so good sun until 1-2ish in the afternoon. 

    How much water is the correct amount? 

    Thank you again for this.

    Yours looks great btw

  4. 15 minutes ago, PowderBeard said:

    How long ago did you put the sod down and what height are you mowing it at? I ask because that night time watering with the warmer temps and high dews this week can lead to fungus issues.


    So max height, cut Saturday and had to cut again yesterday. Put it down April 25th.. I mean it looks fairly good...some parts are a little more meh than others but i have 2 kids under 3 running around on it. 

    I put the disease X down to combat potential fungus i thought. but i don't know anything so...I do notice some yellowing of the blades in spots.

  5. 47 minutes ago, Great Snow 1717 said:

    Depends on how much money you want to spend for a nice looking lawn.  Personally I'd rather invest the money in something that I need or want to do. My lawn is decent. A neighbor down the street has a great looking lawn but his water bill is huge. Plus he uses a lot of different chemicals on his lawn which is another major expense. The fascination with lawns is an obsession with some people. A former neighbor would spend hours working on his lawn. His lawn looked better than augusta! He moved out about 15 years ago. A couple of years later he came back to visit. He was appalled at the condition of the lawn at his former home. 

    I mean not crazy but i spent money on the sod so...

  6. hey guys, did my lawn over- fresh sod.  My neighbor who's lawn looks like the 18th at Augusta told me I should put DiseaseX down. So i did on Saturday and already I've noticed a difference.

    What else should I be doing for regular maintenance/ feeding?  I don't wanna keep going back to my neighbor though I guess I could.  Any other tips/fertilizer schedules I should use? I do have a sprinkler system now, and it runs twice a day at 530am and 930pm for a half hour.  Anything would be greatly appreciated.

  7. 14 minutes ago, PowderBeard said:

    Nice! Only issues I have seen with sod is when it goes from growing in a ton of direct sun to being placed in/around more shady areas. Probably through down some milo or 10-10-10/light fert around Memorial Day (or 5-6 weeks after it was laid down). 

    Thanks- the lawn faces east so sun in the morning and then its gets the house shadow as the sun moves across the sky.

    Ok- thanks for the tip.  My wife is petrified it's not going to take- so I can't screw this up- haha

  8. Just had new sod and a sprinkler system put in for my front yard- it's small.  Obviously it's pretty cold which I'm not happy about but...other than watering- anything i should be doing for the sod? i've only been watering once a day because it's been so wet- things still seem pretty soggy.

  9. Hey don't post often but....I work near rowes wharf in Boston and to see the flooding from the previous nor'easter, it was eye opening to say the least. I don't want to say it's being underplayed on here, but maybe so to the general public? do you have serious concerns given the multiple tide cycles...regardless of whether or not PF torches ha, albeit tides are what...1.5 ft lower this month in general? And a completely different storm- no hurricane type surge this time. Scott specifically seemed to think it might be an issue, any thoughts? What do the models imply as far as storm surge/ wave heights etc?

  10. Thanks for the warm welcome. I'll try to post more for sure.

    what do you guys think, are the higher totals just wishful thinking? If those were to verify I'd would think we'd be seeing people flashing to snow in SNh by now. I thought most of the earlier runs had that happening?

  11. Hey guys,

    Lurker here since Eastern wx. First time posting, primarily because my obs might be helpful in this event. I have an admittedly cheap weather station so I won't be getting into tenths of degrees. Anyways wanted to say 'Hi' to Will, Scott, Ray, Tip, and of course Kevin. Jay, I lived in Southie till recently been wanting to say hello for awhile as well- keep up the writing.  32F and heavy sleet currently here in Lowell on a hill near the merrimack prob a couple hundred ft above seal level.

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