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  1. Mt. Holly still bullish: Morning Update... We are entering a general lull period for most of the region. Morning convection, some of which became strong to severe along the warm front, has moved offshore. Steady rain continues across the north, but precip rates will remain manageable through this morning. Overall, there is not much change to the forecast. Did tweak the PoPs a bit to capture more of a lull in southern areas this morning and early afternoon. With the way this system has wrapped up, we`re likely in for several hours of mostly dry weather along and southeast of the I-95 corridor. But with time, rain will fill back in. The severe weather potential for later today also appears very much on track. The warm front is clearly evident, and shear and forcing will be strong in its vicinity later today. In addition, we`re even seeing some breaks of sun across the far south and may see more into early afternoon, which will only serve to increase instability. All in all, still looking like a high impact event.
  2. Hope not. Isaias was a little to close for comfort in my neck of the woods.
  3. Agreed. Many out shoveling today but don't realize that there is better traction just leaving it be.
  4. Never know the way things have been going. This is the reason why I am not bothering to shovel this sleet mess. Just gonna be a sheet of ice later and may as well wait with temps expected above freezing tomorrow. Not going anywhere anyways and easier to walk the dog on the crunchy stuff.
  5. This one would make us happier after the last one for sure.
  6. Thinking my area is gonna get (not) screwed. Not getting anything on the front or back end.
  7. 29 and wimpy light flakes in Townsend, DE. Hoping this picks up eventually.
  8. 35 here in Townsend, DE. Few high cirrus but mostly sunny with a breeze. Counting down.
  9. My forecast for the Obs thread on this event is over 100 pages beginning Sunday. Just curious as to what this system is classified as now. Would this be Miller A or a hybrid B?
  10. This! We have been through these scenarios countless times.
  11. Always respected your analysis and glad to see you posting. I check in a bit but this one has my attention.
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