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  1. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    2.7" of snow last night in Cranberry....enough for plowing the streets.
  2. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    Woke up to a surprise, almost 6" of white fluff clinging to everything, but the street is just wet. This may be my biggest snow of the season. So much for that 1" they were calling for last evening....lol.
  3. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    The 8 to 14 Day outlook continues below normal into middle April. I hope when this pattern swings the other way it does so with a vengeance. At least it doesn't look like we will have to start cutting grass anytime soon.
  4. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    My totals after obs this morning were 7.5" total snow, 0.50" melted liquid in Cranberry Twp.
  5. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    On way home from SouthPointe to Cranberry up 79, heavy snow just past Parkway West to the river then gradually tapered off to nothing north of Wexford. Dry here in Cranberry.
  6. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    Another light coating this morning. One good thing out of this pattern is it has been pretty dry and my backyard has finally dried out.
  7. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    We got 2.5" in Cranberry(this one compacted pretty quickly), 0.27" melted liquid, roads were a mess early on until they plowed the slush off. My temperature hovered around 32 the whole time.
  8. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    Weather Channel showing some snow from Pittsburgh north Saturday night, more to the east and north. Maybe just a grass accumulation type snow since it's going to be quite warm just prior.
  9. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    I would suspect that one report of 8.5" in Harmony. The source was Twitter and we had at least one inch of old snow on the ground around here. I could see an untrained person sticking a ruler in the grass on that one. A trained spotter close by in Zelienople reported 6".
  10. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    My final numbers for this event: 3.9" new snow total (includes 0.5" of sleet) 0.2" ice 0.64" melted liquid There was 1.0" of old snow on the ground before this event.
  11. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    Switched back to snow about an hour ago after about 1/2" of sleet and ice on top of the snow. Temp peaked at 9AM at 29 and is down to 26 now. NWS had a neat radar loop showing the mix/snow dividing line wavering back and forth right over Cranberry.
  12. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    I watch Harbough on 11 in the mornings. If anything he is enthusiastic about the weather. I like their live coverage of severe weather in the warmer months. But, I rely on internet sources 90% of the time. Currently it's sleeting at 29. There is an 1/8" of ice on everything.
  13. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    Nope, just turned over to freezing rain at 7AM. Didn't make it to 3" and I'm in northern Cranberry Twp. 27degrees.
  14. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    As of 6:30 AM 2.7" new snow, heavy big flakes are hissing as they hit the ground. I haven't heard that sound in a long time. Feels like it could sleet at any time. 26 degrees. 0.32" melted liquid.
  15. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    Woof Woof....I think that was what he used to say at this point