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  1. Snowing in Easley now and 35. Have had some mix on and off this morning since 9 but mostly rain until about 5 minutes ago. There is hope
  2. 3/11-3/12 Winter Storm

    It really never got old at that age. On the contrary, it always seemed to be a big thrill year after year. It would get old now being 50, but maybe every other year or so would be great. My own children think I'm nuts but it was great. Someday I'm going to take them up there and let them see it for themselves. I find myself all fired up waiting for 3-4 inches down here. Been like that since 1981. I wouldn't trade my southern-belle wife for all of the snow in the world though!!!
  3. 3/11-3/12 Winter Storm

    I've wasted the last three hours watching them and waiting for them to come together... Oh well, I don't watch basketball so no real loss other than busted hopes... Back down to 41 now so at least I have the temps to watch...I talked to the mayor and he claims there is no such thing as an Easley snow shield. I don't believe him.
  4. 3/11-3/12 Winter Storm

    Yes, strangely enough I must be. I have been watching my temps and they are erratic. Back up to 44 within minutes. I guess I am desperate for one last winter shot. Sucks to have grown up in upstate NY with snow up to the roof, then spending the last 37 years down here in the 3 inch per year zone. Still have not adjusted, but it is a beauty thing for me. There is nothing like having to dig a tunnel to your front door in late Dec thru early Mar. My wife still thinks I make it all up but it was very real.
  5. 3/11-3/12 Winter Storm

    What is going on with the temps? It was 41 here earlier, then up to 46, then down to 44, now 42. I have been asking the birds to talk to me, but to no avail. They are silent now and the chipmunks have all gone subterranean. Could snow really be coming? I am hopeful...If our local mets aren't calling for 5-10 inches, then we are guaranteed half of that.
  6. 3/11-3/12 Winter Storm

    Right next to Smithfields under the anti-Snowdome, 44 here now and dropping. Nice to see another Easley folk here. I don't post much anymore, got banned this year for criticizing the local mets.
  7. 3/11-3/12 Winter Storm

    Touche! Good one Mack. I'm just holding out hope, maybe too many Bud Lights today but the birds....
  8. 3/11-3/12 Winter Storm

    41 in Easley and dropping. The birds have silenced. Something is coming...
  9. 3/11-3/12 Winter Storm

    Birds are a bit vocal today, but not coming out of the trees. This is the first year I have had Robins in January. Sometimes I wonder if the birds know more than our weather models. ( I would like to say local Mets too, but when I criticize them I get banned) The past couple of days they have been down on the ground pecking for food like wide open Spring, not today though. Maybe we are going to get something, if not, a close call or the birds would be feeding as usual lately.
  10. 3/11-3/12 Winter Storm

    Nice to have some optimism for a change. Here's hoping the Mayor doesn't activate the Easley Snow Shield...
  11. Jan 6-8 Winter Storm Observations

    My selective memory, as some would call it, remembers most of the whoppers around these parts came from TX/LA with temps already freezing and the locals called them right back in the day. The last several years all of the calls have been based on models which I would say don't even hit 50/50 South of Spartanburg. Nowadays I usually ignore the hype, yet always hope for a good snow which rarely happens. Last year was the worst with the local mets telling people to buy generators for prolonged power outages ($1000 a pop) and warning that our roofs were going to cave in from the 10 inches of heavy snow. We got .02 inches from that one. Something is wrong with the system whether the mods here like it or not.
  12. Jan 6-8 Winter Storm Observations

    Yep, our local channels really effed it up once again. Don't say bust though or the moderator will call you ignorant and that you should have been better informed. Where I live in here in Easley/Powdersville, it started snowing about an hour ago, still mixed with rain. Over half of the storm has passed so I'm cutting what Cessarich said in half. I bet 2 -3 inches here at most. I'm shocked to have this much after the rain this afternoon and dryness in the early evening. I really do not understand why no one around here can get it right year after year after year. I have lots of family in Simpsonville. I hope ya'll get something at least. I think the temps were overblown on the models as usual. If we had had the temps, then the precip would have been wrong. I miss 1988. Charlie sure got that one right without all of these fancy, inaccurate models.
  13. Jan 6-8 Winter Storm Observations

    I am equally stupid then. The locals called for heaviest snow between 6pm and 9pm. It is almost 8, not a rain drop or snowflake, or sleet pellet. Everytime this winter stuff comes, I look at radar and am perplexed because what shows is not happening here, despite the gloom and doom of the local meteorologists. My question was about reliance on modern models. I do not watch this stuff every hour like you guys, but when a look at radar shows half of the storm passed and we still do not have a flake, I guess us ignorant folk tend to let common sense prevail and cloud our thinking. So sorry to have offended you professional weather folks. I won't be back so no worries.
  14. Jan 6-8 Winter Storm Observations

    How is it that in the days of Charlie Gertz (80's), that the local snow forecasts were far more accurate? Sitting here in Easley, SC looking at radar. At least 1/2 of the storm has passed and not ONE snowflake and about 5 minute of sleet mixed with rain so far. Radar indicates we are getting pounded with rain, yet it is as dry as a bone outside. What gives? Have the current breed of mets put too much emphasis on the modern computer models (which SUCK for winter weather where we live)???? I used to frequent these forums every winter hoping for a head's up on the pretty white stuff and 98% of the time, it was a let down so I quit last year. I popped back in here this year just to see what the excuses were for this busted forecast. How is it that the "Old Timers" managed to get it right with much more frequency? The modern models rarely get it correct but yet everyone continues to base their forecast on them.
  15. Feb 25th BUST Thread, I'll do it

    That's great for you. but like I said, not even 2 inches here. I have several friends and family in Simpsonville, SC that don't have that much after buying kerosone heaters and generators listening to the local mets bunk. Someone should have seen this coming instead of pushing the hype. Charlie Gertz did a better job around here in the 80's without all of these fancy weather models that our local channels depend too much upon. I can see missing by a few inches, but seriously?????