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  1. Finally got an appointment for a Covid vaccination in the Baltimore Convention Center...for tomorrow...ummm.... Life. But snow... I like it. Conundrums.
  2. 32 and snowing nicely in Pikesville/Greenspring area Baltimore -- about an inch so far.
  3. Our deck rails have about 2 in +. I just measured.
  4. I saw the first few flakes in Pikesville at 10:30 am. Now steady light snow and 30°. Sticking to cars, deck.
  5. Very pretty double rainbow at the tail end of the rain this evening.
  6. Flurries happening here too, but I'm not taking out my snow shovel, clearly. ;-)
  7. Pretty cool clouds in Virginia. Tsunami clouds, someone said.
  8. Pikesville/Greenspring Ave. -- Pretty much all snow since about 1:15pm 33 degrees.
  9. Just a few flakes starting to fall here (between Pikesville and Mt. Washington)
  10. Snowing again moderately after a lull here. Just measured 4.5 inches on the deck. Fluffy enough to sweep with a broom. Near Greenspring Ave. just outside the city limits. The plows have been down our street late last night and this morning, so that's good. Thanks Baltimore County.
  11. So totally true. The city is not so good with clearing. The county does much better -- and we are just outside the city line by a block and a half. Looks like close to 2" now. Falling steadily, but not hard. I wish my son had remembered to bring my grandkids boots (they are visiting from Rockville for the weekend). May have to fashion something out of plastic bags and rubber band.
  12. >1.25" accumulation (measured about 10 pm), 27F and snowing at a good rate. Just inside the Baltimore city line near Greenspring Ave.
  13. I also saw that frequently for Northern Baltimore this storm. Any insights into why that might be the case?
  14. Light sleety snow, 30F. Nothing impressive at this point. Off treated pavement, we have a solid base of frozen sleet 1-2", so if it falls it will accumulate. Just north of Baltimore city/county border, a couple of miles inside the Baltimore Beltway, Greenspring Ave.
  15. Sleet/ice pellets have coated a metal awning over my outside stairwell. Coming down moderately. Just north of Baltimore city/county border, near Greenspring Ave. Latitude 39.370858999999996 Longitude -76.6701475
  16. Oh joy. Of course this is the morning the batteries go belly up in my weather station transmitter. I thought it was strange that it was still 52F here, but still seeing a bit of sleet on the car.
  17. Almost afraid to ask, but what does "KU" mean? ( in context of the posts, it seems to mean "major" ) Not Kansas University, I'm guessing?
  18. Looks to be about 3 inches on my deck rail. Streets pretty much clear, though. Located near Greenspring Ave at the Baltimore City/County line.
  19. My grandkids have a birthday party March 4 in Rockville. I have an oncology appointment March 5th in Baltimore. Pretty sure you can count on a snowstorm.
  20. A good 2.5 inches on top of my silver car in Pikesville/Greenspring. 32 and still snowing. No wind. Probably and half inch on sidewalks and streets. Definitely not the fluffy stuff.
  21. 25 degrees here, near Greenspring and the City/County line.
  22. We just felt it here in Pikesville (Greenspring area)
  23. I think he meant that the snow came, melted right after and then another snow came 15 days later. Just want enough for at least one good snowall fight with the grandkids. :-)
  24. That was an amazing article. Not something I ever want to experience.