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Front Range snowstorm nowcast/conditions 3/13-15


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18 hours ago, MidlothianWX said:


so you're saying that were it not for the dust, Denver Metro might have had like 30"+? Wow. Me and my back think we're glad we didn't. You know, that would explain the <24" reports for like 10 miles each side of 25 but higher east as well as west. There's usually an east-west gradient that goes in one direction or the other. We have friends in SE Aurora that didn't measure but swore they got close to 30.

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The short range models can forecast dust and other fine particulates if I remember correctly. That's one reason they tend to do well and not dramatically overstate totals. The dry air was here for sure, we had a dew point reading of -23 the other day just before that storm came in. I'm sure that got mixed in.

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