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  1. The models did a fairly good job with Hurricane Dorian. The forecast seems to be right on track, or roughly within the same range.
  3. Did I say I had a problem with people following hurricanes? Nope. I said that I was wondering why people are disappointed by a Category 4 turning into a Category 2.
  4. Yes. However, people should draw the line between being enthusiastic for weather and inadvertently cheerleading for life-taking weather events.
  5. The Storm Mode thread has given me a few laughs this week.
  6. People made it sound like a complete shutout for the region like the NAM. Lol
  7. I love the premature eulogies for the GFS. Virginia gets some action at least.
  8. Haven't been active much this year, so I figured I would stop by with another storm brewin'. Hope everyone is doing well.
  9. is doing it still. and Maue is affiliated with them, so if they can do it...
  10. That's all fine and dandy, but why advertise your site as the free destination for your world famous Euro maps, only to start charging a few months later? It's textbook bait and switch marketing to me, and I find it distasteful.
  11. Seems like Ryan Maue is now charging for his weather models site. I guess I can understand why, but it's funny considering how he was talking about providing services for free a few months ago. My personal opinion here, but it feels like he is using for his own personal gain. I hope they know what they are doing.
  12. It'll be interesting to see if the ECMWF data remains free through Ryan/ Interesting approach though. Oner of the guys posted here a few weeks ago and said they had a technical work around to avoid paying for the data, not sure if that has changed though. In any case, it's very refreshing to have high quality ECMWF data available for free now.
  13. Mike Bettes is a true professional, but he's being put at unnecessary risk. Props to him if this is what he wants to do. Dedication.