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  1. Guess I should start heading towards leesburg sooner then I thought
  2. Whats the saying, heaviest snows come where you can smell the rain? I think we will be smelling the rain lol. And I hope NWS doesn't give us a warning because everytime they have, it never turns out well and gets downgraded anyways.
  3. yeah, it looks like a interesting mix. hopefully we can break our stupid 3" storm trend.
  4. Looks like about 4-5" not bad. Looks like I'll be listening to Pandora while plowing Pandora!
  5. Man I have seen forecasts of 1-3,2-4,and 5-8 for leesburg. Hopefully this trends colder today!
  6. So, uh, who is gonna predict the rates with this one ? 10:1
  7. Thanks Bob for keeping us informed that don't know as much about what's going on. I'll admit I was worried earlier. Great rates right now in leesburg. Parts that I plowed just a half hour ago need gone over again.
  8. Light , fine, snow in leesburg and already hear sirens lol.
  9. Yup and being presidents day it would only be proper to bullseye DC !
  10. I don't want to banter up the storm thread but I am only a private contractor and service some government locations in leesburg. We always plow at 2" until the storm is done, then salt at the end to prevent icing. Only thing I can think of why they didn't treat is the heavy wind or the extreme cold which may not do anything depending on what mixture they are actually using to treat.
  11. Not sure if it's been mentioned , but TWC has named this storm OCTAVIA LOL
  12. White out in inwood. Windy and blinding snow!
  13. Yea, the radar looks pretty nice out west. It will definitely be fun watching unfold, at least its something different for a change other then 33 and rain. Sucks it wont be plowable but may need to plow downed trees instead lol.
  14. Im kinda taking these model runs with a grain of salt until todays system rolls through and we get some better sampling tomorrow. Hopefully it continues to trend better. Hoping for at least a 2-4" storm
  15. Got a wwa for 1-2 inches plus ice for inwood
  16. What kind of car? whats wrong with it?