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  1. Some more back end snow it looks like also.
  2. We need to change the title to WTF2 storm lol. Im bored and was just reading last years 2/22 WTF storm thread and it sounds just like this one. Expecting 1-3 then rain and I believe we got 8" in Leesburg. Anyways, carry on.....
  3. Roads here north of winchester are covered and slick. 81 was covered in between lanes earlier
  4. Do you guys think there will be any accumulation tomorrow evening around jyo or will the majority come over night into Tuesday? Trying to figure out if I should drive the plow truck into work tomorrow. Thanks guys and appreciate everyones knowledge.
  5. Loudoun Co schools closed tomorrow!
  6. A foot is pushing it. I just have an f250 with a 8 ft blade. Gotta keep up with it but we have huge parking lots we do for government contracts and it takes 5 hours to clear everything lol. I'll be plowing Fri - Sunday easy
  7. Wow this is going to shut everything down. Not even sure I can keep up plowing in those rates. It's going to be fun at first but going to be pretty nasty when we start getting over 2 feet.
  8. CO Workers wife just sent him a pic from cross-junction (near Winchester) of decent snow falling
  9. When I haven't put my plow on yet on in January. When I click on a thread on a weather forum that says, you know when its been a terrible winter when..........
  10. If ya cant beat em, join em! That's why Ill be heading down there tonight! Bring it on!
  11. Looking good, heading down tonight!
  12. What does it show for va beach? Thinking about heading down if there is enough to make some good money plowing.
  13. I came down, last year I think it was, when you all got 10" or whatever. It was crazy, I had to turn down people asking me to plow because I had so many jobs to do.
  14. I may be coming down to Va Beach for this one to do some plowing!
  15. Coming down good in inwood. I have a feeling the drive to leesburg is gonna be fun in an hour or so