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  1. Heavy snow and temps in the single digits
  2. Most people here love snow. If it's not going to snow they get upset and depressed. You love all types of weather and post here even in the Spring and Summer.You just state facts.People might not like it because of their biases, but it is what it is.
  3. Snowing moderate in Central PA ..about a half of inch everything is covered
  4. As of now looks like a weak el Nino for next year. Anything beats this horrible pattern.
  5. Long lasting winter pattern in mid December?
  6. Well phase 6 fit the last few weeks.Look at the temps this week
  7. Because of the -PNA I guess. I love seeing a -NAO because it usually leads to winter weather at this time of year. I'm not buying the Christmas warmup on Euro with a big block in Greenland and phase 7 of MJO. It should be much cooler.
  8. With -NAO, -AO in phase 7 of MJO, should there be a SE ridge?.Makes little sense to me
  9. Ridge in Alaska,ridge in Greenland..does that 500 map make sense?
  10. It gives a few inches, for early December, in this pattern, you'll take it.
  11. MJO is in phase 7 by then..I think we might see a change around Xmas
  12. Nah don't think it will be extreme. It just doesn't fit Nina climo for December.Only blowtorches like that are strong Nino's..Will December be above normal?..yea, but not like that
  13. This is the warm board lol I knew when Bluewave and Snowman 19 start copying each others posts this morning I knew the blowtorch cometh
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