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  1. Late autumn, early winter model mayhem

    I would hope your not serious about a 14 day OP GFS map...
  2. It was 25 on the 0z run..thought it was comical lol
  3. Late autumn, early winter model mayhem

    Good so the warm-up is brief?
  4. In December, if it was wet, there would be plenty of rainstorms and cutters and it would be mild..You need a dry December for a wintry pattern
  5. He uses the CFS,everything he posts is from the CFS.
  6. Funny there are some good winters in there
  7. La Niña Winter of 2017-18

    71-72 and 74-75 were your typical mild winters of the 70's..there were a few good weeks in there in February
  8. La Niña Winter of 2017-18

    If your going by Euro that is not a bad December and January pattern..December is a typical look of a La Nina..and by March..what the heck bring on Spring
  9. La Niña Winter of 2017-18

    I guess I'm pretty good lol..62-63 and 67-68 were cold winters but dry..below snowfall..I thought 96-97 was neutral..71-72,74-75 and 99-00 were horrid
  10. La Niña Winter of 2017-18

    Lets see how good I am..71-72,74-75,84-85,99-00..any others I'm missing?..was 62-63 and 67-68 also?
  11. La Niña Winter of 2017-18

    ok Unc...winters with 2 Nina in a row..go!
  12. GFS high 88 today it's 79 now at 2pm
  13. That's like a different airmass..I mean a 10 degree difference?..wow
  14. Forecast high tomorrow from Upton is 81 with a low of 66 lol..very strange..GFS has a high of 92 and a low of 80..never seen that before
  15. 92 on GFS tomorrow?..where?