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  1. I guess I'm pretty good lol..62-63 and 67-68 were cold winters but dry..below snowfall..I thought 96-97 was neutral..71-72,74-75 and 99-00 were horrid
  2. Lets see how good I am..71-72,74-75,84-85,99-00..any others I'm missing?..was 62-63 and 67-68 also?
  3. ok Unc...winters with 2 Nina in a row..go!
  4. GFS high 88 today it's 79 now at 2pm
  5. That's like a different airmass..I mean a 10 degree difference?..wow
  6. Forecast high tomorrow from Upton is 81 with a low of 66 lol..very strange..GFS has a high of 92 and a low of 80..never seen that before
  7. 92 on GFS tomorrow?..where?
  8. usually if you get a moderate to strong Nino..November and December,especially December are warm..65,72,82,86,91,94,97,15.Usually La Nina's have cold Decembers 64,66,70,75,83,88,95,00,05,10
  9. Rest of the year above normal?..and they couldn't get the next month right.....
  10. 1966 matches up well..my #1 analog
  11. And what does this say about the upcoming winter?
  12. I've noticed for the last 3 years you will promote anything that shows a warm winter.Your posts are informative but slightly bias
  13. Heavy snow warning and waking up to partly cloudy. ..60s were great..sometimes the forecast was partly cloudy and the next morning it would be snowing..I really miss not knowing..those were the days
  14. Since the upgrade Euro has not been as dependable..Have you been following weather the last few years?
  15. Neutral winter after strong nino..66-67 and 83-84..great starts and finishes. December was cold for both...January was mild..and Feb and March were cold