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  1. slow indeed. From zero to moderate in the last 45 minutes just south of you.
  2. One must be pretty and fluent in computer graphics to be correct with a forecast? Or did I read the critique of MS Paint incorrectly?
  3. Don Kent used a chalkboard. Would you rather be pretty, or right?
  4. Buckled up....let's see if Mr. N Stream takes the dive and gives me the crushing GOM slowdown/capture. Returning to professional lurking mode after using my one post per winter format.
  5. With these conditions (and it's not going to get much better), its 60+ minutes back to portland and probably 3 hours of slogging to Bar Harbor. I'd shoot the middle and head for Rockland.
  6. I'm not that valuable. Just the night watch commander. Pic two minutes ago, Wainwright Fields, South Portland. 23 deg. Just shy of heavy snow, with about 2000 feet visibilty. Finally, people are off the roads....except us and plows.
  7. 10PM: Outside my office at South Portland PD, 20 deg, moderate snow with wind effects taking the visibility down to 1/4 mile and less at times. Busy night with several crashes, slideoffs and end of driveway stuck cars. At least 7 inches on the ground already, ratios range from almost fluffy on the west end of the city to almost dense pack along the shoreline of Casco Bay. Rumor has it that Cantore is somewhere within a couple miles of me; this does not make my work night easier.
  8. South just came ashore. Fairly impressive increase in rates over the snow, snow-, and freezing drizzle we've had constantly for the past 12 hours. Wind pushing up as well.
  9. Shrugging off the cold....