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  1. Lots of reports of trees and wires down around Westford and Chelmsford.
  2. I’m in Tyngsborough. My comment an hour ago about the wind shift was a bad take.
  3. Wind turned East in Tyngsborough and I can feel the marine air. She’s done around here in my opinion.
  4. Much better snow growth at the moment. Maybe an inch accumulated.
  5. Coating already in Tyngsborough
  6. Severe thunderstorm warning issued.
  7. Quarter size hail with them...
  8. Giant cat paws and snowing moderately. 34 degrees in tyngsborough.
  9. Definitely snowing in Tyngsborough right now at 33 degrees.
  10. 33 and can here sleet in Tyngsborough
  11. After mood flakes all day it’s legitimately snowing now. This can accumulate at this rate.