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  1. bugalou

    Major Hurricane Michael

    If the death toll from Michael, stays under 100 people it will be a miracle. Seeing all the footage posted here, combined with the rate of people that did not evacuate (which is around 50%) I don't see how the dead will not be counted in the hundreds.
  2. bugalou

    2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season

    Wow! most of the models have now fallen in line to Leslie making a U turn and heading back west! This is going to further extend a lifespan that was already impressive. Michael is going to wreck havoc on the NE gulf coast, but man, Leslie has been one of the most interesting storms I have seen in a while. It will be interesting to continue to watch the evolution of this system.
  3. bugalou

    2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season

    Several of the models for Leslie are trying to turn her westward again towards the week's end. Even if it doesn't its going to be interesting to see a Sahara or Portugal landfall, or if it manages to sneak into the Mediterranean!
  4. bugalou

    Tropical Storm Isaac

    Isaac dealt with day and days of shear and has now opened to a tropical wave. If it gets into the Gulf it has a very slight chance of redeveloping, but none of the global models are showing this currently. All that said Isaac was tenacious its entire life, so it may be something to just keep an eye on.
  5. bugalou

    Major Hurricane Florence: STORM MODE THREAD

    Well considering the shear is weakening by the minute and the gulf stream is still in play I wouldnt count it out. There is a window over night for it to get stronger. Look at Harvey last year, it doesn't take a long time.
  6. bugalou

    Major Hurricane Florence: STORM MODE THREAD

    Microwave imaging sure seems to look like its headed toward and eye that big.
  7. bugalou

    Hurricane Helene

    Looking to be a threat to the Azores in some capacity before all is said in done. It may be fun to watch the interaction with the disturbance around 35N as well if it pops.
  8. bugalou

    Major Hurricane Florence

    The wave in the gulf is looking a lot better today. Its going to end up being a key factor on Florence. One of the more complex forecasts I have seen in a while. I don't envy the pros out there.
  9. bugalou

    Hurricane Lane impacts Hawaii

    Flooding and landslides are going to be a huge deal when all is said in done, particularly since the storm is going to rake the entire chain with the NE quadrant. I think this is going to get pretty bad out there.
  10. This is so dumb. It would be different if they actually had some sort of strict criteria to abide by like tropical systems and other agencies were on board, but all this does is cause confusion. I really wish they would cut it out already.
  11. bugalou

    Harvey - Main Thread

    It looks like Houston got a bit of a break, but looking at what's headed that way, it's going to be a long night. Sent from my P027 using Tapatalk
  12. bugalou

    Harvey - Main Thread

    It over flowing doesn't necessarily mean all out failure. It is not good, but it is important from an informational perspective to be precise about any message of "failure".
  13. bugalou

    Harvey - Main Thread

    Of course there is, its human nature to be curious about unusual things and events. All of us being weather lovers certainly get some thrill out of huge events like this to see mother nature's power in its full glory. That said, we are also smart enough to over ride that urge when people's lives are on the line. I think just about everyone here is in that frame of mind. No need to make people feel guilt over it. It is what it is and the storm is going to do whatever it does reguardless of anyone's hopes or wishes. Let's stick to the science here.
  14. bugalou

    Harvey - Main Thread

    Sandy also was well into it's way towards a full extratropical conversion during landfall. It was a beast of a different color and not really comparable to this.
  15. bugalou

    PTC Matthew

    Between the trough's location at that point and Nicole being pretty weak, I doubt any major fujiwhara will occur. That said, I am not a trained met either, just an enthusiast.