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  1. Thanks! Someone finally posted the satellite!
  2. All you folks talking about "dry air" realize there are satellite products to actually show it right? While probably accurate here, that term is tossed around so much in this forum and is used as a catch all (often inaccurately).
  3. Dorian is slowly starting to look healthier of satellite. I think we get a period of intensification in the next 12 hours, albeit slight.
  4. Doubt its much dry air and just lack of heat to spawn convection. Its not going to get much better until it moves to deeper water and north and west of Grand Bahama.
  5. I would not count on much weakening in the next 48 hours. I think we are just finally seeing a long over due EWR cycle and with the storm in its current structure it should happen fairly fast. The sea temps are plenty warm enough to maintain strength. Once it turns north I would expect it to start to wind down.
  6. Has this storm been deemed annular yet? Seems to fit the description to the T at the moment.
  7. If the death toll from Michael, stays under 100 people it will be a miracle. Seeing all the footage posted here, combined with the rate of people that did not evacuate (which is around 50%) I don't see how the dead will not be counted in the hundreds.
  8. Wow! most of the models have now fallen in line to Leslie making a U turn and heading back west! This is going to further extend a lifespan that was already impressive. Michael is going to wreck havoc on the NE gulf coast, but man, Leslie has been one of the most interesting storms I have seen in a while. It will be interesting to continue to watch the evolution of this system.
  9. Several of the models for Leslie are trying to turn her westward again towards the week's end. Even if it doesn't its going to be interesting to see a Sahara or Portugal landfall, or if it manages to sneak into the Mediterranean!
  10. Isaac dealt with day and days of shear and has now opened to a tropical wave. If it gets into the Gulf it has a very slight chance of redeveloping, but none of the global models are showing this currently. All that said Isaac was tenacious its entire life, so it may be something to just keep an eye on.
  11. Well considering the shear is weakening by the minute and the gulf stream is still in play I wouldnt count it out. There is a window over night for it to get stronger. Look at Harvey last year, it doesn't take a long time.
  12. Microwave imaging sure seems to look like its headed toward and eye that big.
  13. Looking to be a threat to the Azores in some capacity before all is said in done. It may be fun to watch the interaction with the disturbance around 35N as well if it pops.
  14. The wave in the gulf is looking a lot better today. Its going to end up being a key factor on Florence. One of the more complex forecasts I have seen in a while. I don't envy the pros out there.