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  1. 1 hour ago, Geoboy645 said:

    This storm was really the first snowstorm I remember somewhat completely. If I recall it had blizzard conditions for a while at Madisn. This is the one that caused the interstate to close between Madison and Janesville, leading to a bunch of people being stranded for quite a bit. It's the reason why there are crossing gates at select interchanges in Wisconsin on the interstates. This storm, the 6/7/08 tornadoes, and the 08 flooding are the events that really got me into weather. I would love a repeat of this storm, without the people being stranded of course. 

    I remember turning on the scanner for that, there were people stranded who need insulin and the paramedics were riding snowmobiles to reach them.  Luckily they got there but were some tense times.

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