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  1. 10.25" final here - 29.75" YTD. Nice storm - looks like best events of the winter will be bookends with not much in the middle.
  2. 2.5" with moderate snow - not a breath of wind and the snow is caked on everything. 31.5 F.
  3. 1/4" overnight here - now at 17.5" for the season. Will finish with 9" total for DJF.
  4. 0.75" here with freezing drizzle and 28 F. 17.25" for the year - just 8.75" since December 1.
  5. 2.75" of sleet and snow here - currently steady sleet with ice crystals as well. 21F.
  6. Sleet beginning to mix in with the snow here - 18F.
  7. Picked up 0.75" after the flip back to snow - total of 1" for the event. 13.5" YTD.
  8. Southern Hartford county - near the 84/691 interchange.
  9. Mostly rain here with a few flakes mixed in - had about 1/4" until the changeover. 32.5 F.
  10. Just finished shoveling - it's been about a 75/25 sleet/freezing rain mix of light intensity for the past two hours. 3.5 inches of snow/sleet accumulation with about 0.2" ice accretion on tree branches.. Temperature down to 25.6 with a dew of 24.
  11. Mostly ZR with some PL mixing in here. Temp is 27.2.
  12. Hopefully the 1.5"+ of non snow precip down this way is either overdone or of the non ZR variety. Ugh.
  13. About 1/2" here with some snow showers - festive looking for a while anyway.
  14. 8.5" here with sleet/snow mix. 26/23. Winter starting off with a bang.