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  1. Video recorded from Maspeth, Queens, during inner bands. Wet microbursts evident, potential vortices embedded.
  2. I have 3 minutes of footage from Maspeth, Queens, from a near attic window of a series of wet micro bursts, with apparently brief spin-ups within each. Large branches down surrounding blocks. I am in the process of uploading. Preceding the onset, firetrucks were slowly going down the streets with sirens on. This is what I imagine a tornado siren feeling as a New Yorker.
  3. A layer of ice on the cornhole board, this morning in my yard in Maspeth, Queens, on May 9th.
  4. And dry, subcloud level, dewpoint in the teens in NYC. Humidity in the 30% range, lends to the evaporative cooling effects in sustaining frozen precipitation in the mid 40s at surface. This is the latest in April, I too recall having light snow/sleet in Queens.
  5. These are appropriate questions to ask our WFO, in Upton NY, who oversees the ASOS observation sites in our local area. There are non-official weather stations (PWS) in the vicinity of Central Park that do have more consistent observations, including winds. The quality control, accuracy, placement, overall functionality of these are however dependant on the owners/agencies operating them, and therefor are usually not used toward climatological records. Below are a few.
  6. Upton deliberating making changes to the forecast for today in their morning AFD. Could be a case of surprise convective afternoon/evening showers/tshwrs as some vorticity rides down the trough with lingering moisture and boundaries still in play from yesterday. There's a CU field developing over the Hudson Valley that appears to initiate the activity - HRRR, NAM, GFS, on board. SPC, however, does not even have the northeast in a categorical assessment in their latest update, atm.
  7. What a crawl that would be from 1PM Sunday to 1PM Monday. Factors of rain and wind aside, tidal issues in the bays from a sea that is already churning from Gaston, should this verify.
  8. I cant' seem to wrap my mind around this statistic. Can you paraphrase? I keep reading it as days in July that failed to reach 100, as if all other July months have a 100 degree reading (which I know is not accurate). Can you clarify? My other interpretation is this referring to dates that fell a few degrees short of a 100...?
  9. With a persistent offshore flow you can sustain temperatures in the 90s even under a deck of high clouds. Triple digit heat does not necessarily require mostly sunny skies. We've had days of 100's with convective debris limiting the sunshine. Just saying, clouds aren't the be all and end all to tampering excessive heat.
  10. We have not seen any prolonged dewpoints in the 70's other than with frontal boundaries and moisture fetches... that is about to change.
  11. For the afternoon hours of a mid June day, temperatures in the lows 40's in Quebec, and 90's as close as Atlantic City; very impressive, highly anomalous.
  12. Its been holding in the 60's in upstate NY, and dropping into the 50's in some locations. That makes for a 30 degree temperature spread. Impressive cold front for mid-June. If not for the down-sloping/compressional heating, we would also be dropping more dramatically. Regardless, DPs are taking a tumble. It will be a very comfortable evening and night - even chilly in spots.
  13. I'm looking for quality long-term tenants not turnovers. All tenants I've had have stayed no less than four years. Most stay while budgeting for a new house of their own. I have tenants moving out this month who have been here for 5 years. My philosophy when it comes to renting, if we're all for each others best interest, then there's no room for problems. I'd suggest to PM me if anyone looking in the area (West-Central Queens) is interested, but since messaging is disabled due to board issues - you can email me at [email protected] Sometime in July I'm taking it to Craigslist, and it will be taken - so email me if you (someone you know) wants to arrange viewing before then.
  14. What type of work do you do? I'll need new windows installed . 'Tis the season.