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  1. ander420

    April 18, 19, 2019 Severe Event

    How are you faring in Chapel Hill? Sounds like one was up by Weaver Dairy off of 40 and another up by 86. I am down by Southpoint and it has been very quiet here so far, except for all the Tornado warnings on the phones and weather radio.
  2. ander420

    April 2019 Observations

    Tornado about 9 miles north and west of here. Wild stuff.
  3. ander420

    December 8-10 Winter Storm Obs

    All our rulers have apparently been turned into ninja swords or reinforcing pieces to box forts lol. Guesstimate of 8 inches in Durham NC by the Southpoint Mall. Freezing rain now - pinging off the house non stop. Few loud sounding gusts of wind rolling in.
  4. ander420

    December 8-10 Winter Storm Obs

    Snowy morning in the southpoint area of Durham.
  5. ander420

    December 8-10, 2018 Winter Storm

    Hi all, I am more of a lurker here (for a decade or so lol). I generally keep quiet because my expertise in a far different field and I just enjoy reading. I did have a noob question, that is both for general knowledge purposes and also with an eye for my personal situation. As a native New Englander who now lives about ten miles from RDU airport, the only things that really bother me in NC about weather are tornadoes and ice storms. I have read a good bit about ice storms, but am unsure the extent to which the icing in this storm will have impacts. From a layman's perspective, I understand snow, sleet, and freezing rain in general. That being said, I have read estimates from model runs ranging from .10 to .70 inches of icing. As I understand it, it is when the icing hits .25 the problems start and by .50 there are pretty widespread power outages around here. Assuming this is correct, why has there been so little said about the icing potential of this storm in the Triangle? Is there something with the expected mix of snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain in this that would minimize that risk for trees, powerlines etc. The only thing in 13 years in NC that has caused significant time without power here for us is ice storms. It is something I never appreciated as a New Englander before moving south. Thanks in advance for any replies and enjoy the snow :)
  6. ander420

    Hurricane Michael

    For sure - I live in Chancellor's Ridge.
  7. ander420

    Hurricane Michael

    I live about 1.25 miles from the mall - been pretty quiet here.
  8. ander420

    Hurricane Michael

    Still here - couple good bursts of serious wind but nothing crazy beyond that.
  9. ander420

    Hurricane Michael

    Meanwhile up at Elon they have been hard hit with the power out and multiple trees down on campus. https://www.elon.edu/E-Net/Article/167050
  10. ander420

    Hurricane Michael

    We just had about 12-15 minutes of some seriously gusty winds and an increase in rain. It has now passed and is raining gently again and trees barely moving in Durham.
  11. ander420

    Hurricane Michael

    Same here in Southpoint corner of Durham.
  12. ander420

    Florence Observations

    Wild weather in Durham and Chapel Hill overnight with tornadoes, massive thunder storms, torrential rain, and significant flooding. By mid afternoon the sun was out and Florence left behind this.
  13. ander420

    Florence Observations

    Tornado warning in Chapel Hill, Durham, Hillsborough area. Just torrential rain most of the night and strong thunderstorms the last few hours. WRAL just showed 3 inches an hour rainfall here. Wild stuff. Lots of flooding locally right in middle of kids going to school here. Crazy the one day they have school is during the worst weather here.
  14. ander420

    Florence Observations

    I worked down that way for several years, at UNCP in Robeson County. So not a good place for flooding - terribly flat, the Lumber River right there, and such a economically down area of the state. This corner of NC is pretty poor, but the people are some the greatest I have ever met in my life. It might sound trite to say it, but it reminds me of growing up a long time ago where people looked out for each other, did the best with what they have, and the community was more than the person living next to you for a couple years. If this goes as bad as it might, I would really suggest this be a place where focused donations be aimed.
  15. ander420

    Major Hurricane Florence: STORM MODE THREAD

    folks down there are in my thoughts. I taught at UNCP for a few years and fell in love with the people and area there. Praying you guys get spared the worst of this.