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  1. That is actually incorrect. I am in the NE part of the county and I have over 2.5" of rain as a storm total so far.
  2. Same here but I would expect that to change. The radar is really starting to light up now especially to our south and east over the ocean.
  3. It looks like more heavy rain developing on the radar over S NJ and moving onshore from the ocean so there should be plenty more to come.
  4. Out to dinner with friends in the Atlantic Highlands in Monmouth County. Pouring here with thunder and lightning.
  5. For the immediate NYC metro and NE NJ I would be more concerned with a heavy rain/flood threat from a PRE or Henri itself. There will probably be a few unexpected surprises in store for portions on the NYC metro.
  6. It could but as some have been saying I think we are coming to a consensus and narrowing the goal posts.
  7. I am going to go ahead and say she is not on TV for her brains or knowledge of weather.
  8. Tossing weenies like I am giving away candy.
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