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  1. Honestly I could see Tropical Storm/Hurricane Watches issued for the NYC metro tomorrow to account for the track uncertainty. Then the NHC could make adjustments as the track becomes more certain.
  2. Everyone waiting for the 00z runs like...
  3. Way to derail the thread.
  4. Picked up 0.52" of rain so far today. Current temp 78/DP 74/RH 90%
  5. Picked up 0.52" of rain so far today. Current temp 78/DP 74/RH 90%
  6. It looks to me like there is a pretty decent cluster that make LF on E. LI/CT.
  7. It looks like the NYC metro could see a line of heavy rain/storms move thru within the next hour if it hold together.
  8. I think we should have a much better picture on how Henri may or may not affect our area over the next 24-36 hours. I would still learn towards mostly coastal impacts (which could be substantial) for the jersey shore and NYC metro with higher impacts across LI.
  9. Climo might but that WAR doesn't.
  10. In reference to Henri: Definitely could be some coastal impacts along the jersey shore and the NYC metro with higher impacts as you head east over LI. Going to be interesting to watch over the next day or two to see how things may play out for us.
  11. It appears most of the heavy rain stays to our west at least according to the NAM/GFS. Eventually some of the heavier rain does move further east into the NYC metro.
  12. High for the day was 92 here. Current temp 77/DP 59/RH 55%
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