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  1. Central Park is masterpiece of urban planning. Olmstead is a hero to me. If you go there on a summer day "elitist" is the last thing that will come to mind. It still meets the aim he had in creating urban parks - to create egalitarian spaces open to everyone. Go up to Great Hill on a summer day when you'll see big families having BBQ's and grad students wine picnics on the lawn and families having birthday parties.

    The CPK reporting station is as far from pavement as you can get in Manhattan and probably as representative of the median conditions across the 5 boroughs as you can get.

    And in the winter. :sled:


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  2. 2 hours ago, LongBeachSurfFreak said:

    Something is seriously shady with the amount of salters I saw dumping tons of salt on the way into work on the uws. I run snow removal for a college and would never dump salt

    1. during rain

    2. with a solid forecast of above freezing temps.

    Since salt is damaging to vehicles and the environment something is up.

    Possibly a good old boys overtime scheme in a low snow winter we’re guys need the money and budgets need to be spent. And or a need to lower stockpiles so that salt contracts can continue in the future. 
    Either way, this is inexcusable. This event is even close to being justified….

    But without it we won't have a good manhole explosion season.

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  3. 12 minutes ago, ORH_wxman said:

    Apparently enough people on here.....

    This morning is honestly some of the best entertainment I've seen on here. Just unhinged posters with zero ability to parse data in a logical manner. This is when I really wish we still had the weenie tags.

    By Sunday night weenies are going to be on the Dark Web trading snow maps from some experimental model a Finnish grad student is running from his basement.

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  4. My father-in-law moved to Port Charlotte in 2012 and he bought into "hurricanes never hit this part of Florida... except for Charlie. But that didn't flood the harbor." We've been trying to prepare him for this for a decade to no avail. He stayed like so many other Fox-news watching, government/expert-hating uncles and grandparents in the area, it seems.

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  5. 4 minutes ago, Hoosier said:

    Serious question since you're from there.  Let's say the worst surge scenario is avoided in the event of a landfall farther south.  What would 2 feet+ of rain do to the Tampa area?

    Not a meteorologist, but I suspect it would cause catastrophic flooding?

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  6. I don't know why this is a mystery or a debate. Of course it is likely to be a few degrees cooler in Central Park. If you have gone in on a summer morning you can feel the temperature drop when you get in. Whether that is more reflective of the "natural" or "built" environment that people experience is open for interpretation.

    To Roger's point, I would also imagine this has been exacerbated over time. Bigger, mature trees in Central Park with likely continued pruning and building in the built areas. 

    Anyone in the area knows that the trees in Riverside Park are becoming a serious problem - huge trees and branches fall with no provocation.

    My own pic...


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