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  1. 3" is a major snow storm this winter. Run to the store for milk and bread.
  2. Coming down nicely again after mixing and melting a little bit. Probably heaviest of the night now.
  3. Maybe an inch and now Any snow this early is awesome though.
  4. Wow. Huge flakes. Long live winter.
  5. That was intense. Car was shaking with zero visibility. Wow. 66 mph gust at Logan.
  6. 40-50 mph winds at Deer Island. Awesome storm.
  7. Coming down nicely now. Sticking to the pavement as well.
  8. Yeah. Would not be surprised at all if we lost power here. Wind is impressive, and snow is caked to everything.
  9. Huge flakes. It's actually snowing here unlike that crap we had last storm. Quickly starting to coat the ground.