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  1. I am estimating 15 inches here in Hancock, mi. I took the snow scoop yesterday and removed 3 inches yesterday at 1 pm then did nothing until this morning. It was at the top of my snow boot in the driveway so that is 12 inches. The road grader really nailed me. I had to break the wall of snow up with a shovel before I could blow it. I got the driveway open to get the vehicle in and out but need to do some more out there but I am out of gas. Have to run to the station to get some gas.
  2. Snowing heavy here in Hancock,mi. I can't even see Houghton or even the houses down the the street from me. Glad I get the next two days off for News Years. The city hasn't plowed the street around my house all day. They usually will plow a path in the street but they aren't doing crap.
  3. I seen over 900 UPPCO customers without power in southern Keweenaw County. No issues with power here in the Houghton-Hancock Metroplex. I wish I had a generator but I do have two Kerosene wick heathers that put out 23000 but a piece. So I can use them to stay warm if power goes out.
  4. Just got done moving the heavy wet snow out of my drive while it was raining. Got three inches. Can't use the blower on it due to the very heavy wet nature of it. It is windy as hell. If it was colder it would be a major blizzard here. The rain and snow melt is going to cause major ponding on the streets. If I wanted this I can move back to the Des Moines area.
  5. Looking like it is going to do like it did last December. We got snow in November then it warmed up in December and the time Christmas came around I had bare spots in the yard where the snow melted away. Generally should be buried under three feet of snow by Christmas. Then mid January the cold came back and the lake effect was kicked into high gear through March.
  6. Glad I was off from work due to expecting family coming up from Ohio. I talked to them Tuesday telling them to forget it due to they would be stuck sitting in Chicago when the flight was cancelled which it was due to the snow up here. It was pretty brutal here yesterday. Now I will be spending the day digging out before the next one this weekend.
  7. Finally got my driveway done. Fine time to come down with the flu. Fever and the whole nine yards.Was feeling little better to accomplish this task this morning.
  8. Two neighbors out blowing snow. Heck with it. I am going to wait until the wind goes down tomorrow. They can stick it where I work. I will be in when I am in. Notice my one furnace vent getting covered. Luckily I have a window over it and was able to stick a shovel out the window to get it cleared. Keep going to get around making the pipe higher. I caught some kind of bug. Very weak and tired today don't really want to climb the bank of snow to get back there.
  9. Marquette NWS reported up to 36 inches of snow from the Porkies to Twin Lakes. My parent's live out in Twin Lakes and can confirm this. Healthy convergance off of the increasing shirking open water on the big lake. Only about 5 inches here in Hancock. The convergence spread over to Baraga/L'anse where they reported a foot and they are right on the lake shore. I was wondering why they closed school there when there wasn't even any advisory out at the time of the cancellation.
  10. Snowing very heavy here in Hancock. I can't hardly see the house down the street from me. Luckily, I went in earlier to work so I could get the hell out of there before the storm hit. Every nut and their uncle is in town for Tech winter carnival so there is a lot more traffic and more people to get me in a jam.
  11. Been getting 2-3 inches per day. The flakes are real small but the snow is heavy when the snow scoop gets full of it. It is like scooping corn starch. The main highway is like a Hockey rink. Probably could skate on it. One false move driving you are in Dire Straits. Luckily, not very many people driving around you have to watch out for.
  12. Michigan Tech is closed tomorrow. They very rarely close.
  13. Heavy snow and blowing snow here in Houghton-Hancock Metroplex. webcam11 by