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  1. BlizzardWx

    Mountain West Discussion

    Pretty strong trough signal somewhere near the west coast days 7-10, but if it goes too far west we will see dry SW winds kick up instead of a refreshing cool down.
  2. BlizzardWx

    Mountain West Discussion

    Quiet weather continues in Utah. Although we did have a day with some severe storms about 10 days ago or so. Pattern change coming up may yield more rain chances with ensemble showing a mean trough over the west coast in the extended.
  3. BlizzardWx

    ENSO 2018

    The downwelling kelvin wave will probably help the warming resume again, but will be interesting to see how much. I am less experienced than you guys on the subject, but everything I can see points to a weak event as well.
  4. BlizzardWx

    Mountain West Discussion

    This summer has been terrible in SLC. Smoky, hot, and dry. I've had one thunderstorm since mid June, but might have a chance tomorrow night at least.
  5. BlizzardWx

    Mountain West Discussion

    It's been a crazy rainy spring in Utah. I've had about 7" of rain in the last 5-6 weeks with more to come the next few days. Could see some snow on Thursday and Friday too.
  6. The GFS deterministic run is the highest resolution run with the most accurate initial conditions. The control run is the same as the main GFS run except that it is run with a lower resolution, so that is how they are different.
  7. You did good, as usual. Any thoughts on fall?
  8. BlizzardWx

    Mountain West Discussion

    Decent chance of snow here next Tues-Wed. Certainly cold enough, just a matter of moisture. GFS shows wraparound for SLC with lake effect snow following. ECMWF is largely dry. Canadian is similar to the GFS.
  9. BlizzardWx

    2015 ENSO super thread

    Classic case of linear thinking here. What is happening now cannot always be projected into the future and assumed to be truth. Nino 1+2 will see warming again from the WWB, as others have said.
  10. BlizzardWx

    My 2015-2016 Winter Outlook

    This was a great read, thanks for your time in making it. It's unfortunate that I agree with you because I am tired of warm ridging here in the west. We haven't had a really great winter since 2010/2011.
  11. BlizzardWx

    Tropical Storm Erika

    What is the link to this page? I would like to take a look myself. Thanks!
  12. BlizzardWx

    Mountain West Discussion

    A couple of severe storms in my area today, but I missed them all due to bad luck with my traveling.
  13. BlizzardWx

    Mountain West Discussion

    Its been really quiet here in Utah. We did break a number of heat records for June so I guess that's something. Today was the first day with a high below 90F in 20 days.
  14. Pretty interesting GFS runs today with a moisture tap from the tropical system down there into Arizona and then again with the dying remnants of another system hitting the same area. Could be quite wet in some locations that traditionally get almost no rain in June.
  15. I come to visit Texas for the first time in my life (fiancée's family in Abilene) and it looks bone dry. I guess my chance to see those Texas storms will have to wait for another day.