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  1. I'm overseeding tomorrow...so a nice soaking rain would be appreciated!
  2. Yeah the gusting started a lot earlier than I expected. My PWS anemometer is down or else I'd have a decent reading.
  3. Is that scale MPH or KT? Either way 140+ at Key West is obviously very bad. And that's a massive cane. 100+ from Mobile to PCB if it hit the northern GOM.
  4. For people familiar with Helen, GA, today looks like an Octoberfest weekend. Tomorrow might be apocalyptic in the mountain roads north of here.
  5. I bought a 15-pack before people jacked up prices, but I'm probably going to need all of them.
  6. That first disturbance has gone Red in the latest update. They're sending the Hurricane Hunters in this afternoon.
  7. Probably not as bad as some of the guesses out west (8x travel time), but I would definitely plan to leave after breakfast and take back roads. Yes, this is safe. If you have an SLR you need to buy a larger filter to protect the lens though.
  8. FFC is pegging high uncertainty for Monday still:
  9. Getting into fantasy range for this on the models now. GFS is showing strong cloud cover over the Plains and Gulf Coast, with the wedge zones in the SE having pretty clear skies. Giant grain of salt obviously...
  10. I don't really see a need. The NC people take over when something is going there and the rest of us show up the other times
  11. I'm getting a hotel room the night before and after. No reason to risk it, and a nice mini-vacation in August to boot.
  12. Looking at these cells on radar, things would be popping off if there were any kind of shear. Kinda funny how that happens.
  13. Nice. I'm probably going to end up doing San Antonio because my wife has family there. Just drive west on I-10 or US-90 the day of and get a good spot.
  14. I've got a room in Helen, GA the night before and after. They're closer to the edge of the totality path, but still 100 seconds or so. Already working on ideas for 2024, too: https://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/SEgoogle/SEgoogle2001/SE2024Apr08Tgoogle.html
  15. Yeah, that cell in E AL looks like it has a nasty hail core at least. We'll see if it starts to rotate.