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  1. Having to have a CAD event just to get back down to average-ish for a few days is pretty annoying though.
  2. Got a brief (maybe a minute) snow shower on the back end of the precip shield. 38* so nothing stuck.
  3. High temp forecast for me has already busted. Sitting at 47, supposed to be at 44. I'm thinking this one is dead for the core metro unless there are some really good reports from TN Valley.
  4. Medicine is a science. Financial analysts and stock brokers provide negative value over the long-term. Bad example :-P
  5. I haven't seen <60 since April. Beyond excited for summer to finally be over.
  6. FWIW, the wind maps seem to be overdone for everyone outside of the center core. I never got a TS force gust here in N ATL like the maps said, unless that is supposed to come later.
  7. Ha, someone coached the ABC news guy on how to say Al-bany, GA correctly. Must be someone from down there in the newsroom.
  8. They broke into the home they parked next to. Beyond that, no way of knowing.
  9. Feed appears to actually be down now. Guessing the cell tower he was on went down if nothing else.
  10. His site is getting flaky, but TWC is carrying his feed. https://livestormchasing.com/map https://weather.com/tv/the-weather-channel-live/video/watch-the-weather-channel-live
  11. I think they just broke into that house to escape the surge.
  12. Yeah, he's in serious trouble right now. I'm going to TWC. Not interested in watching someone die.
  13. I'm going this weekend and it's going to be like 85. Ideal fest temp is about 65, IMO.