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  1. Glad there's no ice in RI. Can't imagine anyone would wish for that sh..it
  2. Some seem to use emotion as their forecasting method.
  3. Days and days.......we snow.......well maybe not.
  4. BOX took the amounts down a little bit.
  5. Winter of 2015 didn't really start until January 24th. Then we got hit pretty hard for 6 weeks. A storm about every 4 days. Not sure if that could happen this year though....
  6. Is central RI still in it at all (Kent County)??? Is 2" possible?
  7. Does that mean more sleet and rain makes it's way into Rhode Island??
  8. Providence did too. Bunch of idiots.
  9. Very different thoughts from different mets.
  10. Looks like about 4".....but then again, my vision isn't so good either.
  11. Over ACK, does that more mixed precip for the coast???
  12. The "10% chance of higher" is lower than the "expected" (for RI)
  13. What the heck is up with the BOX maps?? "Expected snowfall" vs "10% chance of higher snowfall". Doesn't make sense.
  14. Being that this thread is for the March 2nd storm, that's about right for your area. Not "days".