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  1. Hurricane Warning posted for OBX. Just got a notice on my phone. I'm in Kill Devil Hills.
  2. Heard some thunder in Kitty Hawk this morning. Probably around 10:30 to 11:00.
  3. Unless something dramatically changes, I'm staying put in Kill Devil Hills.
  4. I was in Charlotte for Hugo. Went to bed thinking I'd get up the next morning to see what it was doing. By 4am, had high winds and rain. Shortly after daybreak, 30-40 mph winds and clearing skies. I was amazed with the rapidity it moved through the area.
  5. Ugh. I'm waiting for cooler, less humid conditions.
  6. One of the local PWS near me in Kitty Hawk has measured 3.5". I believe it.
  7. I'd say 6 - 8" in Kitty Hawk. Believe we started with ice pellets around 8pm last night. The wind blew hard last night and I've seen drifts over 2 feet tall around structures. My only complaint is that in came in overnight and I couldn't see it as the event unfolded.
  8. I'm curious as well since I live on the OBX. Is this a Miller B setup?
  9. Interesting. I'm on the OBX at Kitty Hawk and it is 45 with a few patches of blue sky.
  10. Very likely. I notice a large contrail late SUnday afternoon from a northbound jet flying over the OBX.
  11. Not sure that I'd agree with that. Looks like an immediate wobble and then stays parallel to the track. Still seems the timing and magnitude of the turn north is key for where she winds up.
  12. I would not want to be in that plane!
  13. Still no wind to speak of and the sun has been peeking through at times this afternoon.
  14. Barely any wind at Kitty Hawk at the moment. Have gotten lots of rain. Parts of Hatteras Island are flooding from heavy rain.