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  1. 2 minutes ago, WxWatcher007 said:

    Where do you go for a clear shot of these storms? Severe chasing out here is rough. 

    It is tough but there are places you can find which do offer great views. 

    I love going to BDL since that offers a great view...especially to the west and north. 

    In West Hartford there was this golf course I would go to which offered great views to the west and north as well. 

    I usually try to find open fields, parking lots, or like remote farmland areas. 

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  2. I can't meltdown over this. Melting down b/c something doesn't happen in your backyard is childish...especially when it comes down to something which is such a smaller-scale type phenomenon. The nature of convection is some towns will get hit and some won't. But the initial thoughts about this weekend were completely off...especially the idea about strong shear today (so either the pre-assessment was incorrect or it just evolved differently. Initial thoughts about yesterday was completely out of whack. But I think I see why 

  3. 3 minutes ago, DotRat_Wx said:

    It's really picking up here again. Big boomers 

    All the best parameters pretty much right around Boston. I'm sure too some added convergence from a sea-breeze. But 2000 J of MLCAPE with 30 knots of effective shear...that's going to produce something. Looks like we have the same over CT but we're obviously lacking something. Maybe just lacking some type of extra boost...though it looked like there was some sea-breeze action here. Things really picking up too along the MA/CT border. 


    EDIT: looks like sea-breeze boundary made it to the border (from LIS)

  4. 2 minutes ago, OceanStWx said:

    Had some hail of unknown size in Denmark, but that's it so far.

    I don't see any reason for it to fall apart completely. Better CAPE/shear is east. I think the composite radar look of individual cells is mostly because it's far from all radars and you're just seeing the tallest towers.

    I hate that stretch around I-287 (think that's 287) but it's a horrific radar gap. There certainly is some better shear over CT...problem is we're getting anvil crap and losing heating. 

  5. 4 minutes ago, Damage In Tolland said:

    Huh? That line is strengthening and trucking SE. That’s ours this evening 

    I'm never really a fan of lines sustaining that far of a distance without having proper upper-level support. For example, if it was associated with an eastward ULJ streak I'd like...or perhaps if there was a s/w moving through the region (we do have this but the feature is very slow moving and a bit far northwest for my liking). Virtually all we have working for us is great CAPE and just enough shear to get storms to organize. Storms can only survive so long without stronger ulvl support. 

  6. 1 minute ago, Damage In Tolland said:

    Why? The storm sw of ALB is going to crush BDL area around 6:00

    These things aren't moving all that fast. I don't think that would survive the journey. We're just going to have to hope for additional development ahead of it. 

    Just now, RUNNAWAYICEBERG said:

    Didn’t you have your 28th meltdown the other day over severe...How many can one have in a season?

    Those weren't meltdowns just frustration. 

  7. I wish this feature was just diving southeast a but more quickly. Had that happened and if had more shear in place this would be a pretty widespread damaging wind day (for our standards) along with numerous hail reports around 1'' and several probably in the 1.5'' - 1.75'' range.  There is a nice little ULJ streak beginning to make the round of the base of the ulvl trough so we should see ulvl divergence slowly increase over the next few hours which should also help things. 


  8. 6 minutes ago, ORH_wxman said:

    Looks like a queen yellowjacket....they often end up inside in spring and early summer as they emerge from winter hibernation looking to build a nest. They usually winter in the attic of homes or other spots that are warmer than outside burrows and when they emerge, they often emerge the "wrong direction" and end up inside rather than outside. They are usually sluggish and don't fly fast and aggressive like the worker wasps so the risk of getting stung is pretty low. Though it's getting a little late in the season for a queen to be emerging....I stopped finding them inside about 3 weeks ago....maybe a straggler.

    Just kill it but be careful as it can still sting you even after it is dead. Pick it up with a lot of paper towels or thick gloves.

    Holy shit. 

    I trapped it under a cup, then slid the cup onto a piece of paper, slid it across the house, and got it outside. I've never been so freaked out. It escaped a couple times too and I ran. I wonder if one of the cats had found it and damaged it b/c it can't fly. Once I saw closer I saw the black and yellow stripes.