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  1. Has Atlanta ever been under a Tropical Storm Watch before?
  2. People in South Florida already starting to stampede north in terror.
  3. I was just at a meeting with a South Florida Water Management District board member. I told her that a great many people follow their Hurricane Model Plots page during the season and that their radar was especially helpful in following Dorian over the Bahamas. She was very pleased, and said she would mention it at a future meeting. If you'd like to join me saying a quick thank you, click on the orange "Ask Us" tab at the top of this page. They do read them!
  4. Cancelled Hurricane Hunters cause data blind spots for forecasters at critical time during Hurricane Dorian:
  5. Here's the link: It's a model forecast for ten days from now. 'Nuff said...
  6. Where are you located? (I'm 2 m SW of KSUA.)
  7. Jim Cantore had dinner in Stuart tonight:
  8. The problem is that the evacuees have no idea at this point where they should evacuate to.
  9. Interesting that a sharp right turn showed up in the 11 am advisory. I'm in Stuart, and if/when that turn takes place is immensely important.
  10. Be glad you don't have to write the 5 pm NHC discussion. Be very glad...
  11. And 147.9 knots. Are these speeds realistic?