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  1. Ha don't doubt it. Only bummer about this is any snow will most likely fall when 90% of us are asleep.
  2. Shocked at the lack of enthusiasm here.. this is our first snowfall of the season! Not bad at all considering it's only Nov 13th too.
  3. Seeing as I haven't seen any snow yet this year I would take some flurries in a heartbeat.
  4. Came in here to say this. Thankfully we won't have this dreaded weather tomorrow though.
  5. Yep, looks like its already clouding back over though. Fine by me as long as this is gone come Saturday.
  6. Man Block Island is an awesome place to be during a storm.. wish I was there for that one.
  7. Lots of lightning on that line near Long Island, might make it's way onto coastal CT. Some random strikes throughout CT as well.
  8. Great post, insightful but not too over the top or complicated. I prefer the boom or bust type winters so hopefully we keep trending in that direction.
  9. Use to it. We post in the New England board if temps aren't an issue, but then move to the NYC forum if it's a latitude type storm.
  10. Pretty much. We tried SW CT threads multiple times and it never worked. Crazy considering the # of people that live down here.
  11. That it is. Forgot one of my favorite snowstorm vids of all time came from that storm too.
  12. Cranking at the museum while still dead silent at Pembroke.
  13. Don't worry we all are thinking the same thing as you.
  14. Thanks, just spent the past hour at work reliving the experience. Good freaking times.
  15. Can only imagine what it was like on Long Island back in August when they had those types of rates for an hour +.
  16. 44F for a low here. KFOK got down to 32F though, impressive.
  17. Would be kind of funny though if all this time spent watching models and global trends went to waste when it turns out that squirrels were the true indicator of what winter is going to be like.
  18. The squirrels really are everywhere. I hit one last week.. Felt kind bad but it did run right in front it my car. Lots of squirrels = lots of snow right?
  19. Still no sun. Is this what it's like to live in Seattle? Ugh. At least it looks like things finally clear out tomorrow.
  20. Haven't seen the sun since the 29th, ugh. Didn't even get much rain here.
  21. Lol I thought I was hearing things at first. May be the last time we hear thunder for a while
  22. Got awoken by thunder. Can't say I expected that
  23. Just insane. Went into Bridgeport the next day, and there were cars left stranded on the post road. Half the town wasn't even plowed. Truly remarkable storm and I can't believe its already been a year!