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  1. 1.15" so far, pouring now..
  2. Is everyone at the WFO asleep? How can they leave a statement like that hanging out there?
  3. BOX AFD do we need a geography lesson?
  4. Zero rain in the forecast for tonight. Just scrambled in dinner guests from the deck, it is effin pouring here.
  5. That is excellent news.
  6. 90.3/77.8 I've had enough.
  7. low since midnight 73.9 currently 73.9/71.7
  8. 90.1/77.2 ugh... minisplit A/Cs FTW
  9. 0.3" for the afternoon, 0.5" since midnight.. 73.3/71.8. Hopefully turn off the AC and open windows tomorrow.. finally.. The minisplits do an excellent job on this humidity, though..
  10. w1pf

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    good sun here, 84.3/74.3
  11. lots of lightning again with this storm..
  12. downpour here. 0.2" in 4 minutes