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  1. Snowblower part arrived a day early. Storm cancel.
  2. w1pf

    Nov 15/16 regionwide event

    The Amherst MA area should get a good thumping, because the replacement part for my snowblower won't be here until late Friday.
  3. poweroutage.us showing about 75K out in New England, but that doesn't capture all providers..
  4. pea-sized hail, with a few dime-sized
  5. 1.15" so far, pouring now..
  6. Is everyone at the WFO asleep? How can they leave a statement like that hanging out there?
  7. BOX AFD do we need a geography lesson?
  8. Zero rain in the forecast for tonight. Just scrambled in dinner guests from the deck, it is effin pouring here.
  9. 90.3/77.8 I've had enough.
  10. low since midnight 73.9 currently 73.9/71.7
  11. 90.1/77.2 ugh... minisplit A/Cs FTW