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  1. 3" in Amherst. Cold is hanging in, 18.9/17.2
  2. light snow here (amherst), roads already starting to get covered 18.5/10.9
  3. Data? Doesn't seem to be true, at least up to 2015.. https://www.usgs.gov/data-tools/area-named-glaciers-glacier-national-park-gnp-and-flathead-national-forest-fnf-including
  4. High today IMBY (Amherst) was 64.7 at 2:05PM .. 60.9/52.6 now.
  5. Ugh... flying out of BDL 1PM on Tuesday..
  6. Cold is really hanging in here.. 32.7/31.9
  7. 30.4/27.8, light freezing rain here in Amherst
  8. 23.9/20.6 IMBY in Amherst, light snow.. I'm watching from FL, where it is 84.0/67.0
  9. A friend went to our house about noon, closed up the storm shutters and moved everything loose indoors. He said about 3/4 of the houses in the community either had their shutters closed/boards up, or were working on it.
  10. Interesting watching this as a new englander moving to florida. The IMBY-bullseye-turned-fish-storm is a familiar winter feeling.. How I feel about the storms is quite different, though. Two feet of snow? No big deal. 90MPH winds and 8 inches of rain? No thanks.
  11. Good to see so many NEWX folks over in the tropical forum.. Which I have recently taken some interest in... seeing as we now own a house in FL that we're halfway moved into.. we're watching Dorian from afar, we do have someone who will get the hurricane shutters closed for us.. pretty interesting; I find myself saying the same things I say when watching a snowstorm develop.. like "The models are drifting that way, but they're gonna drift back.."