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  1. mt holly stays with the ice storm warnings. Indicate may not change to plain rain. Very interesting and bullish (LV POC)
  2. Models aside, it IS significant ice probably through midnight-2am LV and poconos. CAD is never modeled correctly, and with the snow pack even more. It’s been hanging around 29-30 up this way. Roadways won’t be an issue, it’s the power lines and trees. IMO they are the cold spots that will build up. ultimately this warmer solution is also setting Thursday to be colder, so win win?
  3. Went from ice storm to torch in 12 hours LOL
  4. Trouble in the northern areas 12z nam
  5. That’s what im saying, I should have clarified. I have 16”+ snowpack, I think those areas you highlighted should prepare for the worst, and hopefully expect rain. But I just don’t see it
  6. Big mess shaping up N&W of 95. Change my mind
  7. This screams major ice for n&w. Not gonna scour this cold out. Sorry
  8. Mesos amping up the snow for at least the upper half of Lehigh county and points north
  9. Looks south of the valley. Accums in the low 20” range accordin to 3k
  10. What’s up fellas. Another year another NAM’D.
  11. Eh, they say it’s good, never really thought so, typically in line with euro, we are both in good spots for 3-6 I’d guess, anything south of us not so much
  12. See we have now introduced sleet. What’s a “winter storm” without that?
  13. Starting to see a consistent trend in later start time, lowering accumulations around 95. Euro doesn’t start till 2PM now, following GFS and Canadian. Top accumulations around 8” with ratios (LV & Poconos)
  14. The initial “thump” looks good, but what happens on the surface maps following is downright strange looking
  15. Bingo. Ugh. 2 hard to forecast storms with sky high bust potentials to start the year
  16. Can tell how quiet this place got, where this threat went... lol
  17. 2” or so here in Palmerton. Looking like another 2-4/3-5” tonight [emoji848][emoji15][emoji15] lots of OT baby .