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  1. Eh, they say it’s good, never really thought so, typically in line with euro, we are both in good spots for 3-6 I’d guess, anything south of us not so much
  2. See we have now introduced sleet. What’s a “winter storm” without that?
  3. Starting to see a consistent trend in later start time, lowering accumulations around 95. Euro doesn’t start till 2PM now, following GFS and Canadian. Top accumulations around 8” with ratios (LV & Poconos)
  4. The initial “thump” looks good, but what happens on the surface maps following is downright strange looking
  5. Bingo. Ugh. 2 hard to forecast storms with sky high bust potentials to start the year
  6. Can tell how quiet this place got, where this threat went... lol
  7. 2” or so here in Palmerton. Looking like another 2-4/3-5” tonight [emoji848][emoji15][emoji15] lots of OT baby .
  8. Nam and euro now crushing LV And points N&W Sunday night .
  9. What a sad looking radar. At least up my way. Looks to be over soon. 1.5” maybe .
  10. Hit 4” here. Lot of sleet. And then ton of ZR. temp finally hit 33 at 5am this morning .