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  1. SN big fat lazy flakes on City Ave, these multiple-day, multiple waves of low pressure systems this winter have definitely come through in the clutch.
  2. Yup another city proper lurker here, though I’m off city ave about 2 min from Wynnewood/Ardmore. still getting a SN/IP mix, + at times...though I’m envious of those with a fully cold column and pure snow ☃️
  3. I think all of this can be true. There’s so much residual salt on walkways and roads. I’m in Overbrook Park on a 2nd floor duplex and my metal patio is completely iced over, as are the metal cars below, but the gravel cement asphalt surfaces aren’t as icy *yet* cus they can absorb some liquid first- even if it’s sub freezing air temp. Metal surfaces and elevated surfaces, even just by one story level, accrete ice so much quicker. but your rule of thumb is always air temp- if your at 27 and ANYTHING is falling from the sky, assume it’s either super frozen or will freeze on surfaces *eventually* - it’s literally impossible for H2O to remain liquid at 27 degrees if it isn’t already a solution of saline or some other chemical...
  4. And this was when they made the fatal mistake lol
  5. Mt. Holly’s WWA went into effect at 1 pm EST fwiw
  6. cant believe we might pick up another coating or so today, this little enhanced area of snow showers over the Philly metro is really something now that we’re 72 hours after the first WAA
  7. Same here in West Philly, snowing again sufficiently enough to re-coat the cars and sidewalks.
  8. SN/ maybe SN+ on the Main Line/City Ave -- the band over Philly and sort of paralleling the Schuylkill is really starting to blossom, seeing some 30-35 dBZ returns on the NWS radar.
  9. The jury is still out for me on the new NWS radar, but I do have to say the super hi resolution is...useful...on a day like today, or the banded look to the returns in NE MD coming into Chesco / Delco are starting to proliferate it’s nice to see this happening at noon already
  10. light snow and blowing snow again, I'm quite pleased that the backend changeover really came through at the end here...not a bad storm to inaugurate the season!
  11. Ripping sleet here, my skylights are ping ping pinging. I suppose it's nice to see the column getting colder again to support IP > ZR in WNW Philly.
  12. Perhaps someone else can better describe this, but I think a main problem was some of the models were keeping the low fragmented at 700 mb and 500 mb and not quite closed off at all levels of the atmosphere, so that it was more just an 850 mb low level circulation with a progressive ripple trough higher up that would gently slide east off the coast. But the low closed off --I don't think it's fully stacked ? (someone better can say for sure)...but the trough tilted more negative, and this sort of yanked back on the surface low to hug into the coast close, taking the track over the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays we see tonight. Again, someone probably knows a better website (?) but you can see the different upper air maps here from Norman, OK -- all of them have a low plotted generally over the Delmarva (though I don't think the low is quite that far NW attm fwiw).
  13. Radar returns over SW VA, WV, and Western NC are blossoming again, there's def alot of upper level energy still to kick through. But I'm definitely pulling a weenie move rn -- crossing my fingers for at least one hour of straight snow again after 2 am or so. Yeah yeah give me my hot dog emoji lol
  14. I can only imagine that the kid meteorologists know better than to rely on local news forecasts for learning about meteorology, but growing up in Philly in the 90s, Glenn actually used to care to teach people, and he's missing out on a chance right now to talk about SN+, especially considering its been 650 whatever days since this has been sensible weather. AND we're less than 10 days out from Christmas and he's acting like this? Bah humbug ahahah.