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  1. 9 hours ago, mreaves said:

    Yeah, that was me, I think. I’m definitely worried about a short season. It’s a curse, we get snow and things are good but I’m always worried about what comes later. I need to just enjoy the present first. 

    yeah, I think that most snowmobilers are worried about that. @powderfreak it is much different than skiing. Ski areas can make snow to get through the lean stretches, and extend the season, but snowmobilers don't have that luxury. we need to get out there as often as we can while we have the opportunity, because the snowmobiling season can end on a dime. Trails are usualy pretty crazy once that first snowfall comes and trails get opened up.

  2. On 1/30/2023 at 11:45 AM, hazwoper said:

    so, for those in the know at Stowe (@powderfreak) how terrible is it going to be there Friday and Saturday?  Heading up with family and I know the cold is going to be brutal.  What winds and chances of lifts shutting down?  This is pretty terrible timing for us.

    no way to sugar coat it-it is going to be brutally cold. unless you have extreme cold-weather gear, you are risking frostbite-toes, ears, fingers, face etc.

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  3. 56 minutes ago, UnitedWx said:

    That was it!  We used to go with a group of 30 guys, the guy who arranged the trip owns Dalene Flooring in CT. We were prepared for the cold so it didn't bother us however a couple sleds needed help to start on morning. A little use of the leatherman allowed us to "Borrow" the hair dryer in one of the bathrooms at a motel to warm their engines :lol: Cleaning staff shared their extension cord lol. I wish I could remember where, one night we stayed at this huge log cabin like hotel up in the middle of nowhere. I think it may have been in the Jonquiere area?

    not sure, but we stayed at the Holiday Inn in "downtown" Jonquiere. That was at the height of the truck/trailer/sled theft debacle that was going on in QC at the time, and the HI had a gated/fenced in pool area to park sleds. there were several actually parked IN the pool-there was a lot of snow that year.

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  4. 14 hours ago, UnitedWx said:

    -44F Getting in late on a snowmobile trip up north of Quebec back around 2006 or so. I think we were northwest of Lake St.Jean. Three of us hung back to help someone with sled trouble and didn't get to the hotel til 8:30 at night. As soon as I took off my helmet and balaclava, my nose instantly froze shut! Crazy experience 

    holy cow I was there the exact same time (Feb '06). we drove up to Q City, then rode from there up to Jonquiere. then around lac St Jean and by Mt Valin. it was a very fun trip, but super cold. we were all dressed for it and were fine. lots of stops at the remote "relais" to warm up.

    One thing i do remember quite well is one of my buddies on a Yamaha, that had the exhaust out the back by the tail light. we got to an intersection and he was stopped, and I thought his sled was on fire-but it was just the exhaust.

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  5. 36 minutes ago, Spanks45 said:

    This season states...If the Icon says we snow and the GFS says no, then the GFS is correct. If the GFS says we snow and the Icon says we don't, then the Icon is correct. If the _____x____ says we snow and the ____y_____ says no, then the _______y_______ is correct.....Same old story this year, until it proves my if/thenish statement wrong.

    is this Mad Libs?

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  6. 17 minutes ago, PWMan said:

    The thing about these regional threads, especially in a gradient pattern, is that SOMEONE is always getting screwed and/or declaring a bust because radar looks crappy, the flakes don't look great, or their temp just spiked. 

    i'd post a pic of my yard right now, snow still on trees, snowbanks pretty tall, roughly 16" depth.

    But posters south of me would probably kill me (except Ginx-he would want to see the pics) 

  7. 1 hour ago, HoarfrostHubb said:

    It was the expansion tank.   Bladder went. 
    That’s a relief.    Better than a new boiler

    same thing happened to me several years ago. After using lots of hot water, i would get a puddle underneath the relief valve. Plumber came out and replaced the relief valve. I questioned him, and told him that the water pressure gets pretty high right after showering, then the relief valve pops. I thought all along it was the expansion tank. Anyway, replacing the relief valve didn't fix the problem. called a different plumber who laughed at the first plumbers diagnosis and replaced the expansion tank. not a single problem since.

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  8. 1 hour ago, dendrite said:

    Nice runs for up here over the next week. We’re riding the line, but could have decent net gains on all 3 systems. 

    congrats Dendrite!

    the entire SNE crew just smashed their collective keyboards

  9. 1 hour ago, Sey-Mour Snow said:

    I own a gym, been in the fitness industry for 15 years.  I do about 70 one on one training sessions a week plus teach 10 group classes so I move a lot of weights daily.  Just from plates or dumbells I've broken a finger 3 times, seriously bruised 2 toes, worst injury was when I almost lost my "third leg" putting a 45lb plate back up on a waist high vertical plate rack.  Worst injury I've seen is someone DB benching and dropping 100s onto the ground but he had 90s under him and his finger was in between both dumbells, finger exploded and blood shot straight out onto the mirror in front of him. 

    so what you are saying is that you lift things up and you put them down?

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  10. 15 minutes ago, HIPPYVALLEY said:

    I just saw my neighbor who is patrol officer for Greenfield PD and he said numerous accidents in town.  He told me because snow was a surprise and it’s a holiday the DPW didn’t call anyone in to plow or treat roads.  They don’t wanna pay the holiday overtime. 

    that's pretty stupid. it's not like they have blown through their budget this year. i mean, how many times have they been out this year, vs past years?

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  11. 54 minutes ago, HoarfrostHubb said:

    Folks on here won’t be surprised when I say I was surprised to wake to 2” of fluff. 

    Went to bed and not a flake had fallen.   Didn’t think modeling threw anything back this way. 


    same here. I figured we wouild get a trace (I think GYX had me <1") measured 2" when I left for work

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