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  1. Polar Blast weekend, it will be busy. And this is just what they needed.
  2. That is sugarloaf over his (my son) shoulder.
  3. Well we already have 5 days on the mountain which is 4 more than last year. I sold most of the sleds last year before the deluge. Still have 2 and will buy another after the new year if there is any riding! :fingerscrossed:
  4. Happy Holidays Gadedude. Appreciate your weather insight. Hoping for the polar opposite of Last Christmas \/
  5. There is 3+ feet of snow north of Rangely. Bring it on!
  6. We certainly need it up here. We were almost riding locally prior to MLK day......
  7. Im on the Sidney side of Messalonskee and its currently 3.
  8. We rented a camp in Coplin the 26th-4th of January. Really hoping to be able to ski and ride? Happy Holidays Matt