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  1. Yeah I've got 20.2" total now and I'm within 2 miles of the airport. Not sure what they're doing.
  2. Looks like ALB has 18.3" officially as of 10PM. #13 all time for now.
  3. Yeah, looks like it'll be CSI related bands across CNY through the ADKs with a little bit of convective instability near the mix line like you said.
  4. Yeah he did, I forget the dates but they got 4-5 feet over like 4-5 days there.
  5. Spotter in Woodford, VT at 2300' reported 26" at Noon, probably closer to 30" now since they're still getting pounded. That place is upslope headquarters. https://vtrans.vermont.gov/operations/rwis/camera?id=09
  6. It'll be one heck of a Bills game if that verifies! Fingers crossed.
  7. I'm right on the edge of that band sitting at 1.5" total.. congrats lol.
  8. Thats not orographic, looks like classic laterally quasi-stationary band associated with mid-level fgen forcing.
  9. This band just south of ALB has been quite a surprise as well. I'm on the NW fringe with just under 1.0" but downtown Albany is getting in on the +SN action.
  10. That seems to be where forecast challenges arise since only subtle differences can exist between nonbanded and laterally quasi-stationary band events. Either way congrats on a nice little event for you guys, light snow just started here.
  11. Yeah this fits the composite of a laterally quasi-stationary snow band quite nicely, maybe there will be some surprises beneath the band axis.
  12. Late response but measured 2.0" on the nose here. It felt more impressive than it was after struggling through last winter hah. Looking forward to a pattern change later this month.
  13. This is the heaviest snow we've seen in a long, long time hah.. but yeah the temperatures are pretty impressive too.
  14. Trending toward a whiff it would seem.. big surprise. Amazing how there was full support for a decent event from the ecmwf and the EPS, yet the GFS will likely win out. I'm so done with this sh*t hah.