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  1. And accordingly, the NWS in Albany has just added these counties to the Winter Weather Advisory for 2 to 5 inches.
  2. Off topic but... Glendale? I grew up in Glendale. 66th Street and 70th Avenue. From 1964 to 1980. Cheers!
  3. So my advice not to go to Amsterdam and stay put was sound! Glad it worked out for you! Amsterdam flipped to sleet for a couple of hours but is back to snow now.
  4. Exactly right. I mentioned this yesterday that in eastern NY, the overrunning warm air almost always exceeds what is progged. Not only did it reach the Mohawk valley, but it streamed about 10-20 miles north of it. We’ve just flipped back to snow here after a 4 hour sleet fest. Snowing moderately.
  5. Well, after all the stressing, the party is over here. After close to 10”, we’ve gone over to pingers.
  6. Heavy snow. 2” in the past hour. Pouring down now.
  7. Maybe Albany/Schenectady squeak by without the taint, by a hair? Gonna be very close. But at least there’s hope! As of 1234 AM EST...Latest KENX radar and ground truth indicate moderate to heavy snow is occurring across a large portion of the Albany forecast area, as the strong baroclinic zone ahead of the warm front is impacting the region. Some embedded laterally transitioning mesoscale bands may be setting up documented in the CSTAR research. We have an SPS out for some 1-2"/hr rates. KALB has had 1"/hr hour snow increase group the past few hours. Interesting, that the 00Z GFS has trended colder with perhaps the ptype holding as mostly snow from KALB north and west
  8. Continues to pick up here. 1.6" in the last hour.
  9. Snow has really picked up in the last hour. 1.5 inches in the last 2 hours.
  10. The models have not handled the low-level temperatures very well this evening and this will likely effect the track of the surface low as it tracks across the northern mid-Atlantic late tonight. Temperatures have been colder than forecast especially in the upper Hudson Valley and southern Adirondacks where readings have dropped down into the single digits to near zero. The latest 00z NAM forecast is a bit farther south with the track of the surface low and is just a bit colder with its thermal profiles than the previous couple of runs, however it would still support a change from snow to sleet as far north as the northern part of the Capital District around daybreak Sunday. We suspect that when all is said and done sleet will mix with the snow just about up to Saratoga Springs Sunday morning which will cut back on snow amounts from that area south.
  11. Awful lonely being the only Eastern NYer in a forum called Upstate/Eastern NY. Very light snow here. Exactly 1" measured.
  12. To the mohawk river valley and beyond. Still extremely fine flakes. about a 1/2".
  13. Anybody wanna see my 59 year old beer gut? Finally started snowing here. Fine as powder.