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  1. Local Albany met says the coastal low formed 50 miles east of progged and bumped up accums in eastern NY up a few inches. Expecting 8 to 12 here now.
  2. Also representing the Eastern part of the thread here. At about 1,500 ft elevation in western Schenectady County, I typically fall into the "Helderbergs" part of the forecast, and high enough to avoid any easterlies shadowing. Just worried about the taint at this point that could really cut that top end of the range down.
  3. Ugh... toss it. Toss it quick. Put a mask on first then wash your hands Ugh.
  4. GT 235. 18 horses. Had her nearly 20 years now. Runs as good today as the day I got her.
  5. That's about right Stash. That dump one year ago December was a beauty. A bit over 30 in my driveway. Just lovely!
  6. And accordingly, the NWS in Albany has just added these counties to the Winter Weather Advisory for 2 to 5 inches.
  7. Off topic but... Glendale? I grew up in Glendale. 66th Street and 70th Avenue. From 1964 to 1980. Cheers!
  8. So my advice not to go to Amsterdam and stay put was sound! Glad it worked out for you! Amsterdam flipped to sleet for a couple of hours but is back to snow now.
  9. Exactly right. I mentioned this yesterday that in eastern NY, the overrunning warm air almost always exceeds what is progged. Not only did it reach the Mohawk valley, but it streamed about 10-20 miles north of it. We’ve just flipped back to snow here after a 4 hour sleet fest. Snowing moderately.
  10. Well, after all the stressing, the party is over here. After close to 10”, we’ve gone over to pingers.
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